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Whether you're a golfing champion in training or simply interested in trying something new, our Golf & Spa breaks will provide you with fitness training, relaxation and luxury accommodation at an affordable price.

Golf has a number of health benefits and helps improve strength, balance and concentration. A day spent on a golf course involves a surprising amount of walking, which is highly beneficial for the cardiovascular system and helps tone quadriceps and hamstrings.

Let yourself be pampered after a long day on the golf course with teams of expert masseuses and luxury spa treatments at your disposal.  Other activities, such as yoga, hiking and nordic walking are available in some of our exclusive golf and spa resorts.

Our golf spa holidays in Germany and Austria offer stunning locations and refreshing climates. Combine golfing with hiking or Nordic walking in the German or Austrian mountains for a rejuvenating outdoor fitness experience. In Spain, you'll find luxurious hotels with a Mediterranean flair and an exceptional range of golf courses. Our golf hotels in Italy epitomise 5 star sophistication and comfort in the optimum environment for a golf spa break. We also offer a diverse range of fabulous golf spa hotels in Eastern Europe, where beautiful landscapes and top-quality spas create the perfect golf spa break. 

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