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For a long time, golf, whose origins are said to be the Scots, was regarded as a costly sport of the elite, but now the traditional sport is developing more and more into a popular sport. Especially with vacationers, the combination of golf and wellness is becoming increasingly popular. It offers the opportunity to actively pursue the hobby and to relax at the same time. That's why SpaDreams has an exclusive range of golf wellness hotels, which will give you a lot of enjoyment as a golf fan.

Discover the most beautiful golf courses worldwide and face the sporting challenge. During the day you can prove your skills on the golf course and improve your handicap. Afterwards, in the Wellness & Spa area of ​​the Golf-Wellness-Hotel, you will have the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and loosen your muscles with massages, sauna and many more.
Meet other golfers at the Golf Wellness Hotel, with whom you can enjoy the sport together.

But other active holidays are good for your well-being and keep you fit: how about, for example, a Nordic Walking holiday, where you can enjoy not only the sport, but also the beauty of nature, or a Yoga Holiday that helps you to restore your inner balance or in general a Fitness Holiday or Active Leisure Holiday- your possibilities and sporting preferences are endless!

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