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Ayurveda in Germany

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For holistic and traditional Ayurveda treatments, you do not have to travel to Sri Lanka or India. In Germany, more and more hotels are offering Ayurvedic treatments and Ayurveda wellness.

The demand for the traditional Ayurveda cure in Germany is steadily increasing. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more spa and wellness hotels in Germany offer holistic Ayurveda treatments based on the example of Sri Lanka and India.

However, a clear distinction must be made between authentic Ayurveda and Ayurveda Wellness. The traditional cure is - as the term cure already suggests - the health aspect, such as, in the original Panchakarma cure, the five-fold therapy - which involves cleaning the body of harmful deposits. Ayurveda Wellness clearly emphasizes the wellness and relaxation effect and is usually combined with the typical oil massages.

The advantages of an Ayurveda cure in Germany are obvious: you can save yourself the long flight to India or Sri Lanka and can easily travel by car or train. Therefore, of course, it eliminates the time difference with the associated jet lag. And you are already used to the prevailing climate.

For beginners an Ayurveda pampering week is outstanding. Here you can enjoy ayurvedic massages, the Shirodhara oil forehead treatment and the Pinda Sweda (herbal stamp). Of course there are ayurvedic dishes and you can switch off during yoga and meditation.

In the traditional Panchakarma therapy, the stay at the hotel begins with a visit to the Ayurveda doctor. Here the condition of the Doshas is determined and the treatment plan is determined. In addition to the Ayurvedic massages and the Ayurvedic diet, the treatment also includes cleaning, which in Western countries is usually caused by drainage (virechana) or enema (vasti).

For the traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment a stay of at least 2-3 weeks should be scheduled, so that the purifying effect can fully develop.

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