Ayurveda in Germany

Ayurveda in Germany

Authentic Ayurveda in Europe

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Ancient Indian healing in German hotels

You don't need to travel to India or Sri Lanka to experience authentic, traditional Ayurveda - you can enjoy high quality treatments at a number of hotels in Europe!  Many of our top-class Ayurveda hotels in Europe are situated in beautiful locations around Germany.

Experienced ayurvedic doctors from Indian and Sri Lanka are available to offer you a comprehensive and authentic Ayurveda programme, whether you're looking for an intensive, holistic Panchakarma cure or simple Ayurveda wellness treatments,  such as massages and oil applications. Yoga and meditation are also available at many of our Ayurveda hotels in Germany for complete holistic healing experiences.

From the bustling streets of Berlin to the bridges and lakes of the quaint Schwäbisch Hall, our Ayurveda hotels in Germany offer an abundance of locations to suit the needs of any wellness seeker. Find peace and tranquillity near mountain peaks or combine your Ayurveda cure with a visit to a traditional German spa town. 

Our parent company was the first tour operator to offer Ayurveda in Germany and SpaDreams has benefitted from over 20 years of experience in Ayurveda.  

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