SpaDreams Ayurveda Guide


A Brief Glossary of Key Ayurveda Terms:

Abhyanga: full body massage with warm oil.

Agni: digestive fire; universal principle, which refers to both metabolic activity and human vitality.

Ama: metabolic waste products and toxins deposited in cells in the body.

Dhatu: body tissue; Ayurveda distinguishes between seven different types of tissue.

Dosha: bioenergetic regulation system that governs the functions of the human body and determines people‘s individual characteristics, both mental and physical. There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Garshan: full body dry massage with raw silk gloves.

Ghee: heated and melted butter fat; considered to be the elixir of life.

Kapha: the Dosha derived from the elements of water and earth; responsible for body structure and fluid balance.

Marma: connection point between matter and consciousness; on the skin there are 107 marma points that can be stimulated by touch.

Nasya: one of the treatments of Panchakarma. Consists of a series of oil massages, compresses and nasal irrigation, herbal steam bath for the head.

Ojas: fine material metabolic end product that is produced with proper digestion.

Panchakarma: Ayurvedic cleansing treatment that rids the body of harmful deposits and restores the balance of the doshas.

Pinda Sweda: Full body massage with a warm rice and cereal decoction.

Pitta: Dosha derived from the element of fire; responsible for digestive and metabolic processes and the heat balance.

Prana: life-giving respiratory and nervous energy.

Shrotas: body channels that transport material.

Udvarthana: full body rub massage with a pulp made from of oils and cereals, which is performed simultaneously by two therapists.

Vasti: cleansing enemas.

Vata: Dosha derived from the elements of air and space responsible for the motion sequences in the body. Regulates the activity of mind and body and controls the other two doshas.