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Original Ayurveda Treatment with SpaDreams

SpaDreams has benefited from the wisdom of our German parent company Fit Reisen, gathered over 40 years of experience in the Health & Wellness travel industry. Since its foundation in 1975, Fit Reisen has established itself as the market leader in this industry with its high quality offers, individual service and excellent standard of advisory competence. We have been offering authentic Ayurveda cures for over 20 years. During this time, our Ayurveda programmes have been constantly expanded and comply with the highest quality standards.

• SpaDreams places great importance on the difference between Original Ayurveda and Ayurveda Wellness. "Ayurveda Wellness“ refers to gentle, individual treatments such as oil treatments or massages that are used without medical diagnosis for regeneration, rejuvenation or general wellbeing improvement. You can find out from our website which of our hotels and resorts offer Original Ayurveda and which offer Ayurveda Wellness.

• All our hotels and resorts that offer Original Ayurveda e.g. in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, UAE, as well as Poland and Germany specialise in Ayurveda.

• Ayurvedic treatments as part of an Original Ayurveda cure are always overseen by an experienced ayurvedic doctor.

• At the beginning of Ayurveda treatment, the doctor will create an individual treatment plan for you after a comprehensive initial examination.

•We have long established relationships with all of our Ayurveda hotels and resorts and regularly check the quality standards directly on site. Through continual cooperation, we have built up a trusting relationship with our partner resorts so that you can benefit from the optimal service before and during your treatment.

• In order to take the pressure of you so that you can focus entirely on your Ayurveda cure, SpaDreams offers a transparent, all-inclusive package that includes all aspects of the holiday: 
transfer, Ayurvedic food, Ayurvedic treatments and remedies, as well as medical care and yoga.

• An original Ayurveda treatment should be carefully prepared. We are happy to help! Our team of experts will offer you individual advice and help you to select an appropriate treatment.

Health, Vitality and High Spirits through Ayurveda

Regardless of your reasons for undertaking an authentic Ayurveda cure - whether you‘re looking to relieve everyday stress and do something for your body and soul, searching for the cure for a particular illness, or simply fulfilling a desire to discover the relaxing world of far eastern traditions, an authentic Original Ayurveda cure is an unforgettable experience, which can have a huge positive impact on your life. With its millennia old knowledge of the connection between mind, body and nature, Ayurveda will give you a deep understanding of human existence and help you on the path towards health, vitality and high spirits.