SpaDreams Sri Lanka Guide

SpaDreams Sri Lanka Guide

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Introduction to Sri Lanka

Pictureseque beaches, crystal clear blue sea, colourful coral reefs and secluded coves: Sri Lanka is the epitome of a tropical paradise. The islands in the Indian ocean have much to offer. Although, Sri Lanka is small in comparison with its not too distant neighbour India, you will still find an incomparable level of diversity across this little island. As well as 1,330 km of stunning coastlines, you can expect to find tea plantations fringed by mountains of flourishing flora and fauna, timeless cities, a rich cultural heritage stretching back over 2,000 years, including ruined cities and fascinating temples, the thousand year old tradition of Ayurveda, and last but not least, incredibly warm and friendly people.

Key Facts About Sri Lanka

• Island nation in the Indian Ocean with a population of approx. 20.6 million. Known as Ceylon from the beginning of British Colona Rule until 1972.
• Capital city: Colombo.
• Length from north to south: 440 km, widest point: 220 km, total area 65,500 km²
• Most important exports: Tea (Ceylon-tea), coffee, coconuts and rubber
• Landscape: Central highlands with tea growing regions and up to 2,500 m high mountains, fertile lowland plains, coastal area with fisheries and palm fringed beaches.



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