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Introduction to Yoga

Discover the world‘s most beautiful beaches and leave all your worries behind with the help of meditation. Counteract negative influences and regain inner balance by harnessing the positive effects of Indian yoga teachings on your body and soul.In Western Europe and North America the term yoga often brings to mind bodily contortions. In reality, the traditional Indian philosophical teachings are about following a pure, spiritual path on the search for enlightenment through a combination of body poses, meditation and breathing techniques. Negative influences are dispelled in favour of harmony and inner balance, and intellectual potential is maximised.The traditional healing art of yoga consists of a combination of physical exercises (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and different meditative exercises. The body is activated and brought into equilibrium. The aim to rediscover inner balance, which not only strengthens physical health, but also re-establishes harmony and wellbeing.Yoga can be practiced by anyone searching for inner peace and harmony. Even just a short yoga holiday can help you to be more focused and to deal with everyday situations better. All yoga programmes offered by our hotel partners are led by extremely well-practised yogis. We offer a variety of courses at different levels of difficulty, so that both yoga beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts can learn and practice the art of yoga.

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