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When I realised during my menopause how my body had completely changed (I never believed it when my friends told me), how my skin and hair had gotten worse, I toiled with the idea of Ayurveda. So I got some information in books and on the internet and started to change my nutrition and way of life.

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The beginnings

I started by doing the most important things first and gradually changed what groceries I would buy on a shopping trip. The most important things to start off with are:

  • Ghee (clarified butter) for cooking, instead of oil, margarine or butter – helps the body secrete toxins
  • Tea, e.g. Yogi-Tea (with the typical spices and herbs) – instead of coffee – has a great aroma and detoxifies the body.
  • Cane sugar – instead of granulated sugar – doesn’t deposit itself in the body and is organic.
  • Typical Ayurvedic spices, like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, coriander, etc… help cleanse the body.
  • Rice and chickpea flour – instead of white flour (wheat flour) – is more wholesome and better for the digestive system.
  • Also fresh fruit and vegetables.

I also got an Ayurveda cook book and toiletries for my Ayurveda body regime, for example Ayurveda toothpaste, Nasya-oil for my nose, massage oil for the body, face and hair products, a tongue scraper and sesame oil for the daily “oil pulling” in which toxins are removed through the mouth by swirling with a tea spoon of oil for five minutes without swallowing, and then spitting into a basin.

The items listed above can be found in any Indian food shop or on the internet (please be careful here – there are many sellers on the internet which sell products which are not authentic Ayurveda) – I would recommend Amla.

My day with Ayurveda

I began to change my nutrition and way of life. My daily routine looks like this:

Mornings: IMPORTANT! I drink a glass of water with 1 tea spoon of ginger and the juice of half a lemon. This immensely purifies the body. After this I make a cup of tea. Before I shower I massage my body with Ayurvedic massage oil, apply special oil to the face and hair respectively, and leave it to soak in for 15 minutes. In this time I put a tea spoon of sesame oil in my mouth and swirl for 5 minutes before spitting into a basin; after my shower I use a body oil for my skin; I then brush my teeth; rinse my nostrils; and remove plaque using a tongue scraper; finally I use Nasya oil for my nose and a care-cream for my face.

  • Breakfast: Small sliced fruit, almonds, grated ginger, milk, cinnamon, Cardamom, 2 finely sliced figs and 3 crushed dates.
  • Lunch: I Always have tea and hot water with ginger and lemons after my lunch; e.g. beetroot-potato cream with mantis (small pita bread made from chick pea flour); or fish curry; chicken curry, or fried vegetables in spiced pastry with spicy yoghurt sauce; etc…
  • Dinner: Usually only a small meal such as: Mantis with Raita’s (Yoghurt-dip made from gherkins, yellow peas, etc…) Tea and IMPORTANT! 1 glass of hot water with 1 teaspoon of ginger and the juice of half a lemon and much more… There are lots of very good recipes…

Before going to bed I brush my teeth, apply oils, cleanse nostrils, and remove plaque with a tongue-scraper, and after showering I massage with care-oil. !!! No TV before bed !!! (doing this contributes tremendously towards general wellbeing).

All this sounds scarily time consuming. And it does seem like that first. But I must say, after a while I got used to it. And now, I would never dream of missing any part of my “ritual”. It does so much good and now I feel so much suppler, lighter, agiler, calmer and more beautiful. I have an aura again. After just 1 week I could already start to feel the benefits. My skin, particularly on my legs, is much tighter. As for my face… well, you can’t stop yourself from aging. The wrinkles are still there of course, but my complexion is now smoother and fresher; I lost around 2-4 pounds in the first week alone.

I have been practising Ayurveda intensively for about the last 6 months. I weighed 75 kg with a height of 1.72 m. Now I weigh 64 kg, which I maintain with my diet and with the help of a little ritual (things like the hot water with lemons and ginger). I would also like to say that daily walks and quiet time before sleeping (like reading a book in bed) are a very important part of Ayurveda.

There is nothing that I miss about my previous diet. Quite the opposite. Ayurvedic cuisine is delicious. This did a lot to motivate me, because I like to cook healthily and am always curious to try new things. Now and again I allow myself 1 glass of wine with dinner. At the start it was coffee, which I struggled to wake up without.

Holidays with Ayurveda

And last but not least… in August I start my first Ayurveda Spa holiday in Sri Lanka, which I am very curious for and am really looking forward to. I can only really recommend that everyone at least try this method. You don’t have to go hungry. The HEALTHY weight loss is to be enjoyed… There is no hard “persevering” with Ayurveda.

Find out more about ayurveda and ayurvedic holidays – useful links:

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