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Sautéed Sprouted Horse Gram Recipe – Authentic Ayurveda

Harmony between body and mind is the main goal of Ayurveda. In order to achieve this, Ayurvedic medicine promotes an all-round healthy lifestyle where nutrition plays a vital role. This doesn’t mean boring and bland health food – there are a great variety of colourful, sumptuous, satisfying and healthy Ayurvedic […]

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Curried Pineapple Salad – Authentic Ayurveda Recipes

Stuffed Pineapple

Curried Pineapple Salad with Raisins and Pomegranate This week we’re heading on a culinary journey to Madeira to discover a new Ayurvedic recipe – curried pineapple salad with raisins and pomegranate. This is a fresh, fruity and warming Ayurvedic salad, perfect all year round and suitable for all doshas. Since […]

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Spinach and Coconut Ayurveda-style Soup

This warming Cream of coconut and spinach Ayurveda inspired soup is absolutely divine, especially when accompanied by some freshly baked bread.

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Ayurvedic Recipes for a Healthy New Year

Ayurvedic Recipes

It’s cold and breezy outside? We have the perfect solution! Before the New Year arrives, we created a delicious Ayurvedic recipe, which warms the inside and sweetens the time until the New Year in a healthy way. 😊 In Ayurvedic recipes many think of elaborate dishes with exotic ingredients that […]

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Healthy Ayurvedic Recipe For The Holidays

Ayurveda Recipe

Christmas is getting closer! Every year, there are two types of people: those who take it slowly and make themselves comfortable on the sofa with a warm blanket and a cup of Christmas tea. And those who hurry through the city after work and panic trying to get all the […]

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Ayurveda Cooking at Home: The 5 Best Recipes

You returned from your Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka or India and would you like to integrate Ayurveda into your daily routine at home? Are you interested in Ayurveda or an Ayurvedic diet and are curious to try out some recipes? This is easier than you might think! In the […]

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Healthy, Hearty and Delicious Autumn Potato Soup

Chase away autumn’s chill with this hearty and healthy potato soup recipe! This revamped version takes the chill off with a healthy twist. It’s time for a flavorful and warming soup. The following ingredients are required (for 3-4 servings): 1 kg of potatoes 2-3 large carrots 1 liter vegetable broth […]

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Healthy “Nice Cream”!

Nice Cream

Who says ice cream has to be unhealthy and full-fat? This simple “nice cream” recipe is low-fat, vegan and gluten-free, meaning you can still enjoy the summer months whilst continuing to eat healthily. The basis of the recipe is frozen bananas – you can then get creative with ingredients and […]

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Tasty Thai Mango Salad

Friends eating

In our last Thailand blog post, you learned what rules and standards you should respect when traveling to Thailand. For those who do not have time to go to Thailand, there is still an opportunity to enjoy a little Thai atmosphere – discover Thai cuisine!

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