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Must visit destinations in Israel

With its biblical and historical sights and scenic countryside, Israel is full of tourist destinations. Many of them are spread far apart, and are well-suited for a round trip. Whether you’re looking to explore Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the river Jordan or the Dead Sea: Israel has much to offer.

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In Ayurveda there is no set formula

Ayurveda is not alone in attempting to classify humans into different types. For example, in ancient medicine and in European medicine, both ill and healthy people have long been classified into four temperaments: melancholic, choleric, phlegmatic and sanguine. In Indian medical teachings from the Vedic era which date back thousands […]

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Hévíz – a Hungarian spa town with a long tradition

If you are looking for the perfect spa, health & wellness destination for your next holiday, you should definitely have a closer look at Hévíz located in the western part of Hungary. Hévíz is considered the spa town with the longest tradition in the country and it it located only ten […]

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