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Slim in 2018: The 5 Best Weight Loss Retreats

Woman running at sunset

Christmas has left its mark once again? You started noticing that your hips have grown and you are waiting to be active again? Especially after the holidays, it is still cold and gloomy outside, making it difficult to break the usual pattern. The temptations of everyday life – are just […]

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Field Report: The liberating effects of Therapeutic Fasting

From the 7th to the 14th of June 2015, nine fellow guests and I dared to experience a therapeutic fasting programme on a SpaDreams FAM Trip to the Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker. What an unforgettable experience! From the positive feedback of the other guests, I know that they were just […]

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How to stay fit & slim at Christmas time?

Christmas is a challenge for everybody who is health conscious and would like to stay slim and healthy. Ginger bread, chocolate oranges, family tins of candies, mulled wine, countless chocolate treats and other delicacies which become available in supermarkets, department stores and Christmas markets make great indulgent (self-)gifts. The indulgence […]

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4 best fasting retreats in Germany

Successful treatment: Four of the best hotels in Germany for a fasting break Personal motivations and goals for fasting vary greatly, as does each individual. Outside of traditional fasting for religious reasons, most cases are linked by a shared maxim: the temporary forgoing or reduction of foods and stimulants can […]

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Detox in Hungary

Danubius Aqua Health Spa Resort

The popularity of detox retreats keeps rising and now they are available all over the World. The best time for detox is definitely spring. Autumn is a good season as well. If however you would like to enjoy the sunshine whilst on a detox holiday, you can undertake an effective […]

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Authentic Ayurveda at Anantya Resort

Anantya Resort with Astitva Ayurvedic Center offers authentic Ayurveda suitable for the guests who seek authentic intensive cures. The Ayurveda centre by the retreat cooperates with Pankajakasthuri Group renowed for their experience and expertise in Ayurveda. The Pankajakasthuri Group runs an ayurveda hospital and Ayurveda Medical College as well as produce herbal medicines. […]

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F.X. Mayr fasting at Health & Spa Hotel Dvorák

Interview with Dr. Věra Chlupová from the Health & Spa Hotel Dvorák

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4 things most people don’t know about fasting

Fasting has become popular. It is now accepted medical knowledge that fasting can rejuvenate and renew the body, mind, and soul. Going without food and beverages serves as a spring cleaning of within. It regenerates your metabolism, and the intestines are detoxified and cleared out of dead cell material. Therapeutic […]

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Fasting methods: The most effective & popular fasting programmes in Europe

Fasting the body is now seen as a worldwide experience, due to its popularity blowups! The best fasting programs are not the ones where you completely cut out all food & drinks, but just the consumption of them and the specific areas of solids & liquids. In this we will […]

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The five best weight loss hotels

It is never too late for a weight-loss holiday and if you haven’t managed to find time for it before the beach season, it is not a bad idea to book it now, at the warmest time of the year when the weather encourages to go for light snacks and […]

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