Hungary – the land of 1000 thermal springs

The thermal springs make Hungary a popular destination for vacationers. Hungary is quickly accessible by plane because of its location in the central-eastern part of Europe in the so-called Carpathian Basin. It only takes about an hour by plane to get to the airport in Budapest. Hungary is only slightly larger than Baveria, a southern state in Germany, but has fewer inhabitants.

Not only bell peppers have made Hungary to an interesting destination in the 50s– although it was mostly unknown back then – but for some time now, spa and resort guests have been the ones who started to prefer the big and small resorts of Hungary. The Balaton has always been a good destination when it comes to having a holiday trip combined with nature.

Holidays in Hungary with healing effects

More than 1000 medicative springs in Hungary offer the visitors of the country recovering cures as well as medical treatments. In many regions there are spa hotels and resorts – such as the Hunguest hotels or the Danubius hotels – and the selection is just as great as it is of high-quality. The springs are used especially for rheumatic diseases. The healing effect can be attributed to the composition of the thermal water.

Hunguest Hotel Panorama

View from the Hunguest Hotel Panorama

The thermal lake in Hévíz even has a high natural radium content in the water which passes through the peaty mud at the bottom of the lake into the water. This is also an analgesic effect. Therefore, hotels like the Hunguest Hotel Panorama or the Danubius Aqua Health Spa Resort in Bad Hévíz are just perfect for people with pains. Also around the famous Balaton Lake there are some springs and even a karst cave with healing microclimate exists in Tapolca. Here the visitor can promote their health with just staying an hour in the sea cave and inhaling the mineral-rich air.

Hungary – a country of many cultures

In 1987, a range of natural attractions and historic buildings have been added to the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The Castle District in Budapest is just one example. Budapest is also a popular destination for health tourists and vacationers. However, the natural landscapes are the main reason why people come to Hungary. The Hortobágy National Park or Aggtelek are the right destination for long hikes and cave vistis. In combination with great spa services at the hotel, a holiday in this country is incomparably beautiful.

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Hungary – the land of 1000 thermal springs
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