Interview: Burnout prevention at OCÉANO

OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa is our partner resort specialised in anti-stress and detox programmes based on thalassotherapy, yoga and the F.X. Mayr cure.


Preventing burnout with a healthy gut and the healing power of the sea

An interview with K. Matthias Rolle, physician and medical director of the health centre at the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa – Tenerife, about the latest findings on burnout and burnout prevention.

Munich/Punta del Hidalgo, July 2014 – “Burnout” is something at the back of everyone’s mind, yet hardly a tangible condition – the symptoms are varied and often not taken seriously. However, the more health conscious amongst us are beginning to ask “what can I do to prevent it?” or “am I already being effected?”. In this interview K. Matthias Rolle answers the most important questions regarding burnout and discusses a holistic approach to burnout prevention. He also attributes great importance to the gut – an often overlooked organ which is of paramount importance to human health.

Mr Rolle, for many years burnout syndrome has been known as a “manager’s illness”, mainly caused by stress. What do you think of this?
The latest research shows that it isn’t always the busy managers who suffer from stress. managers are distinguished by their ability to cope with stress better than many others. The question that remains is: why do they succeed and why do burnout suffers struggle after a certain point? It is therefore necessary to find out how stress can be a positive experience and an incentive for performance, and how stress can be experienced as excessive demands which lead to emotional exhaustion and  loss of autonomy.

Medical assistance is recommended whenever we mention burnout. But what if I notice that there’s something wrong with me? Are there any physical, mental or spiritual warning signs?
Burnout occurs when you find yourself unable to make it stop. Warning signs, for example disturbed sleep,  difficulty concentrating and loss of libido are not taken seriously. It is important to develop a heightened sensibility and take preventative action when they occur.

And when I become aware of such warning signs, what do you think I can do to avoid developing burnout syndrome?
Research clearly shows that our modern lifestyle and increasing disregard for biorhythm is a breeding ground for developing burnout.  So it all depends on getting your biorhythm back into balance, by  carefully considering what you eat, taking sufficient relaxation periods and an appropriate amount of exercise and also maintaining a satisfactory social life, keeping this all up every day when possible.

Your health centre specialises in the F.X Mayr cure and you’ve had a new Thalasso centre since 2012. Can these two crucial aspects of your health concept help people to re-energise? If so, how?
F.X Mayr medicine focuses on the gut. The main goal is to detox and rehabilitate the gut to activate the self-healing power of the body. This is interesting as far as burnout prevention is concerned, as new research shows that the gut plays an important role in emotional balance. A healthy gut offers the best conditions for a turn around and successful burnout prevention. With regards to the Thalasso therapy, we also use the power of the sea to improve health and wellbeing. The body is supplied with certain measures of interior and exterior marine products, such as seaweed and sea water, which help to reduce stress and relieve sleep complaints. With Thalasso, a hundred year old proven form of therapy which we combine with the latest techniques, we bring nature into your home, and with expert guidance, set up moderate stimuli.

Have you developed a special burnout prevention programme which puts sensible preventative measures in place?
As a health hotel, we do operate in the field of prevention but we don’t aim to replace medical care. Health conscious people who want to gain vitality or sensibly avoid a burnout are in good hands with us. The programme “F.X. Mayr intense” which includes special nutrition, massages, Thalasso and other treatments, creates the ideal conditions for individual burnout prevention. The treatment is created according to a diagnosis determined in advance by laboratory tests related to the intestine or a HRV measurement to assess the autonomic nervous system.

What would a day of this programme look like?
Typically, three meals which should be eaten at regular times and medical appointments several times a week. Outside of the “fixed” elements of our guests’ therapy there is a huge choice of activities on offer – from morning exercises over the baths and saunas to cultural evening programmes. Everyone should have a sense of wellbeing here and find their own rhythm, particularly with regards to the intensity of the therapy. The guest is in charge right from the start and will learn how to take care of their own wellbeing after their stay at OCÉANO. Of course, many guests enjoy our fantastic location in north Tenerife, which is perfect for wonderful walks and hikes, and lends itself once again to relaxation and refueling.

As an expert, what would you recommend in order to avoid burnout after my stay at the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa?
Fundamentally, we have to look at the whole person as an individual. As the causes of complaints are so individual, the solutions must also be unique. The principle, however, is to always draw attention to the biorhythm. A sufficient, relaxing sleep is also important.

Many thanks for the interview, Mr Rolle.

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