The Slovenian Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic coast of Slovenia is a wellness centre, where guests can find pure relax and enjoy pristine nature as well as stay in quality wellness hotels, with access to thermal baths. Primorska is a region in Slovenia, where the steep cliffs meet the waves of the Adriatic Sea and where you can benefit from the healing properties of the salt-enriched, clean air. Take a breath!



What makes the Adriatic Coast of Slovenia special?

Compared to the neighbouring Croatia, Slovenia does not have too long coast line, however what counts here is quality rather than quantity of hotel resorts. 46 km (30 miles) of the Slovenian coast offer exquisite spa hotel resorts and unforgettable tourist attractions. What makes Slovenia special is the unique microclimate, where fresh air from the mountains is mixed with the submediterranen, sea air. The climate of Slovenia makes it a suitable destination for health holiday any time in the year. As on its lenght, the Adriatic coast offers incredible variety of landscapes – cliffs as well as sandy beaches and wild meadows. The vegetation and wildlife is especially interesting in the areas of salt pans of Strunjan, where various species adapted to high salt-content in their environment. The area is especially abundant in bird species – over 200 bird species nest there.


Holiday in Slovenia as a natural cure

The sea and the salt pans have beneficial effect on your health and any holiday in the Slovenian coast can be actually treated as a health holiday promoting regeneration as well as preventing diseases from progression. The microclimate and saline mud from the Adriatic coast is especially valuable for everyone who suffers from rheumatic disorders. It is worth enhancing the benefits of your stay in Slovenia by booking a medical wellness package to boost the healing processes.Strunjan and Portoroz are the destinations we can truly recommend for a health and wellness holiday.


Portoroz – a treasure of the Adriatic coast

Portoroz is a perfect destination for a short break as well as for a longer holiday as it offers various entertainment opportunities and gourmet cousine alongside with high quality spa and medical wellness treatments. The flair of Portoroz appeals particularily to active holidaymakers since long and clean, sandy beach encourages not only to sunbathe, but also to try out watersports or go jogging along the coast. Water sport and fishing equipment rental is available on site. If you seek peace and serenity, discover the walking and cycling paths in Portoroz and go on a trip.

The hotels in Portoroz invite for relaxing treatments. Hotel Apollo for example, tempts with thermal treatments typical for Slovenia as well as with oriental, Ayurvedic treatments.

The Adriatic coast is absolutely great for fitness and wellness and invites you to fond your own way to relax, health and wellbeing.

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