Healthy Food Diet: 8 Clean Eating Tips

Going on a diet is one of the main pillars of making our lifestyle as healthy and energetic as possible. Maybe that is why we are always discovering new weight loss methods in search for one that suits our personal life style best. A new trend in nutrition is clean eating – How you can you achieve an overall better body feeling with “Clean Food”, you will discover here!

Beetroot gazpacho soupIn the US, this diet concept has been known for many years, and is now slowly integrating the name in Europe. Tosca Reno, nutritionist and former bodybuilder, is considered the founder of the clean eating trend. Behind the hip English term hides a healthy lifestyle that focuses on the interaction of body and food to provide more well-being. The principle is reminiscent of the healthy and wholesome diet, but has a completely different range due to the new-modern, English term.

New Name, New Image

Fresh smoothie with seasonal fruitsThe clean eating industry is booming. Numerous clean-eating recipes revolve around Instagram, new blog articles are created around the topic every day, and workshops on the nutritional strategy are in greater demand than ever before. Clean eating seems to be a nutritional format that many people can and want to identify with. But why is that?

The diet established by Reno bans all canned meals and all fast food items from the menu. Instead, healthy fruits and vegetables are on the shopping list. Since this is preferred seasonally and if possible also regional purchases can be made, which is doing something good for the environment at the same time. A positive side effect, the grocery store industry’s-critical position, which is automatically taken by the fact that one no longer runs unstructured through the grocery store. Clean Eating literally invites you to shop around the corner. We will show you which products currently are in season.

Guidelines for the Clean Eating Trend

Like every dietary trend, the clean eating option has some guidelines that should be followed to improve your well-being.

Fresh oatmeal with apples and cinnamon

1. Breakfasts: What is left out in many diets to save valuable calories early in the morning is considered indispensable in clean eating. Especially in the morning our body needs enough energy to start the day stronger. Start your day with some tasty oat meal dishes. Oatmeal, which has been soaked in milk or water the night before and is only garnished with fresh fruits, seeds and nuts in the morning, is perfect for this.

2. Listen to your body: Often we just eat out of habit. Clean Eating appeals to listen to its own body again, so that the natural satiety can set and is not being ignored.

3. Artificial flavors? No, thank you: Anyone who has dealt with the packaging description once in the grocery store knows how many artificial flavors are hidden in cream cheese, muesli bars…etc. With clean eating, you put a stop to these additives and learn to get through the day without artificial flavors.

Woman drinking water4. Water: Most of us drink too little. Like almost every cure, clean eating recommends drinking 2-3 liters of water daily. Try this for just a week. You will notice how you will feel better by drinking water alone.

5. Sugar: This point hurts most people. Because simple sugars are found in the wildest food. Particularly common are the different names of sugar. Tip: If you have one on your package, you can safely escape the sugar at the grocery store.

6. Fats, yes, but the good ones: There is nothing wrong with fat, but the clean eating principle tries to reduce itself exclusively to the “healthy” fats. Avocados, nuts, fish and flaxseed oil are always welcome in your kitchen.

7. Protein + Carbohydrates= Body Love: Clean Eating says yes to proteins and carbohydrates – but in the right combination. Combine both, you can prevent the nasty cravings.

Woman eating salad

8. Seasonal Cooking: Presented above were the major key points of the Clean Eating nutritional strategy. Seasonal means at the same time also regionally and thus additionally supports the local agriculture – so you do not only do something good for your body, but also something for your conscience and the environment.


Of course that sounds like a major change. Nevertheless, we believe that some points are easy to implement and even fun! We wish you a lot of fun with the new self-realization of clean eating!

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