Jordan & The Dead Sea – The Desert & Dead Sea Culture

As an Arab country, Jordan is still one of the secrets when health and wellness travel is mentioned. Here Jordan has with the Dead Sea one of the largest natural healing miracles worldwide. Thus, Jordan is one of the best starting points for people with skin, joint problems and respiratory problems. The Dead Sea and the special climate that prevails here, but also do the healthy holidaymakers more than good.

And admit it, everyone would like to lie in the water with the newspaper in his hand and let yourself drift off….

The Dead Sea is known throughout the world for its healing powers. Here, the Dead Sea is not really a sea but more off an endorheic lake, which is fed by the Jordan River. Healing promises of high salt content, which is ten times higher compared to oceans, and the particular composition of the water. For people with eczema, psoriasis or other skin diseases, the Dead Sea is a true blessing for you. Mostly enters a strong improvement in symptoms. In addition to the rapid, sustained and effective recovery effect which is due to the climate and salty air.

The salt content in the air has a positive effect on lung illnesses & diseases, such as asthma, COPD, or cancer. But also stressed-out fulltime jobber come at the Dead Sea at their expense. At a water temperature between 19 degrees (February) and 31 degrees (August) you can bathe all year round. The saline water supports your body well and you can comfortably lie on the water and reading newspaper.

As a souvenir for at home it pays to take the Dead Sea in the form of creams and bath products. So you can apply at home to produce your Jordan trip and do your skin good on a continuous basis.

Visiting sights of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage:

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan lies in the Middle East, bordering Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea. From there, a maritime border leads to the popular land of Egypt. Arabic with all its dialects is the national language in Jordan, especially in the tourist areas but English is largely spoken also. In the hotels,  Jordan and German is widely spoken. (Ask for this directly with our customer service, when speaking with them)

The heart of Jordan pulsates in the largest cities Amman and Zarqa. In Jordan there are many attractions that have become established over the years as tourist magnets. This includes, for example, the desert landscape of Wadi Rum, which might look familiar from “Lawrence of Arabia”. A Wadi is a dried river, which leads only after heavy rains water. The Jordanian Wadi Rum with rock walls of sandstone and granite has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2011. He covers an incredible range of 74,000 hectares.

Our tip: In the Wadi Rum you have among others the possibility to spend a night in a Bedouin camp. In traditional Bedouin music and a starry night sky tonight will certainly be an unforgettable experience on your Jordan trip.

The Amman Citadel, another attraction, located in the eponymous capital of Jordan. As an ancient fortress citadel is called, which is located together with a well-preserved Roman theatre in the centre of Amman. If you are in Amman, you should definitely plan a trip to the Citadel. Also be sure to visit the traditional Arabian bazaar in the old town. Here you can shop, haggle, and stare until you drop.

You can discover on your Jordan travel many more exciting attractions. Ask also like the staff at the hotel or course, our customer service. Then maybe you can take one or the other tip. Basically, a single visit to Jordan not sufficient to capture all the sights and the incredible fascination of this country. As you can see, Jordan has a lot to offer and is a really exciting country. Jordan trips are not only good for your health but also for its cultural interests & attractions.

If you want to spend a unique holiday away from the tourist mainstream, Jordan and the Dead Sea are definitely worth a visit.

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Jordan & The Dead Sea – The Desert & Dead Sea Culture
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