AHAVA, the wonder of the Dead Sea at MenDan

The key to the philosophy of our hotel lies in our slogan: ‘four stars of smiles’.

We have made it our goal to offer perfection and quality in the smallest details, so we can provide our guests with complete relaxation. Our ambitions however, go beyond this aim as we believe that every four-star hotel strives towards unrivalled comfort and relaxation.

Men DanSo where does the difference lie? In our hotel, not only a room awaits you, we are awaiting you with a real sanctuary, instead of mere spa facilities we offer pure relaxation and recuperation, and instead of pre-planned packages we await you with a way of life. MenDan doesn’t just provide an exclusive atmosphere for Spa/Wellness usage, but full refreshment for spirit and body. MenDan is not just a hotel, it’s a lovely nest of relaxation and rejuvenation. Here we will present you with something priceless: a happy smile, which you will take back home with you.

Professional face and body treatments, Maria Galland treatments, aromatic bath treatments, hairstyling and makeup – everything on one beauty island.

Are you longing for something special?

Our answer: the magical minerals of the Dead Sea and their effect. People from all over the world visit the lowest point on earth in the knowledge that the Dead Sea and Dead Sea cosmetics are a source of wonder for human skin. The secret of beauty is hidden in the water of the Dead Sea. Diving into the waters of the Dead Sea to take in the minerals of the mud and the salts has a relaxing and smoothing effect, preserving beautiful skin.

The Dead Sea has the highest concentration of minerals in the world. Its mineral-rich layers of earth produce an unusual concentration of magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron – these are essential in order to maintain health and elastic skin.

The concentration of minerals in the Dead Sea reaches an astounding 35 percent; in normal water the level is only 3.5%. Thanks to its high concentration of salts and minerals, the water of the Dead Sea (which is also an ingredient of ‘Dead Sea Cosmetics’) saturates the skin and prevents dryness, as it ensures rich replenishment as well as the retention of minerals in the skin.

Dead Sea water is unique and enriched with valuable proteins, which are produced by fossils and algae. The mineral content of the Dead Sea water as well as the very low levels of pollen and allergens have an especially positive effect on the health and are known as natural sources of beauty and Dead Sea cosmetic products. You are now able to enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea at home in the form of our Dead Sea cosmetic products by AHAVA.

AHAVA cosmetics

An Egyptian pharaoh knew of the healing and nurturing effect of the Dead Sea and declared it her own personal health resort. Modern divas can experience the minerals of the Dead Sea in the lovingly prepared beauty products of Israeli manufacturer Ahava – and experience a beauty marvel hidden behind unimposing packaging. The consistency is finely balanced and nurturing, the salts visibly relieve skin problems, working to sooth and heal. The Ahava formula: If you have healthy skin you don’t need to compensate so much with make-up. And the formula is taking off: while Ahava is still a niche product, the products are recommended from generation to generation. Would you like to relax and feel like a newborn? Our answer: MenDan.

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