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Sometimes it all just becomes too much: Job stress, a demanding private life, financial concerns… Certainly, in the long run it can push you to the edge of endurance. Many people strive for a balance between work-life, meeting friends, pursuing hobbies, and enjoying a holiday to recharge their batteries.

But many people have lost the ability to relax. They don’t manage to achieve a healthy balance anymore between physical stress and bodily and mental health, because they are afraid of not meeting their work requirements. So they retract from friends and colleagues, avoid social contact and neglect their hobbies. In the end they find themselves in a state of total physical and emotional exhaustion. These people suffer from burnout syndrome.

Burn out cure

How people arrive at Burnout Syndrome

Sufferers are often from social occupations, executives, shift-workers and teachers. In addition to the external factors in a changed workplace with higher work intensity, stressful team-situations or the fear of job loss and also personality traits are responsible for the arising of burnout syndrome. This also includes overestimating one’s performance, perfectionism and not being able to say “NO”.

Burnout syndrome develops gradually: In the early stages sufferers are euphoric, work almost constantly, go without breaks or rest-periods, and feel indispensable. In doing so they neglect their own needs, often also the needs of their partner, and limit contact in the work place. Then a chronic tiredness sets in, and this leads to lapses in concentration and sleep disorders. Finally the sufferer’s motivation begins to subside, and they find it more difficult to keep themselves organised. They become unsure and hold themselves back more personally and professionally.

In particular, if no countermeasures are taken such as a Burnout cure, then the psychological strain starts to show on the body. Burnout syndrome, if left untreated, can result in a weakening of the immune system, eating disorders, severe tinnitus and can even lead to panic attacks. Eventually the feeling of helplessness and desperation intensify and can lead to depression.

A burnout treatment

Patients with Burnout Syndrome require professional help. Treatment depends on the stage of the condition. In the early-stages a change of workplace or an extended period of relaxation can suffice, for example a medically prescribed spa or rehabilitation measure.

During this treatment a collaborative effort involving psycho-therapists and doctors is put together. This involves counselling and group-therapy, the learning of relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and autogenous training such as sport and exercise programmes. In doing this the patient should once again learn how to relax and switch off.

In the advanced stages it is not easy to get rid of burnout syndrome. Extensive Professional help is required. A targeted course of psychotherapy is advised to better assess the patient’s capabilities and help see future endeavours more realistically. This should reduce future feelings of being overstrained or overburdened. In most cases a course of treatment involving antidepressants is employed.

Self-help on the Internet

The internet offers new possibilities for taking steps to counter the symptoms of mental exhaustion. With an online programme you can receive sound and practice-orientated assistance within 12 weeks. The great advantages of this are that you can start any time and remain totally anonymous as, step by step, you gradually regain your quality of life.

Fight burn out on holiday

SpaDreams offers a range of anti-burn-out holidays. All the holiday packages include medical consultation to make sure that the treatment meets your needs.

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