Spa weekend in Budapest

A wellbeing weekend in Budapest brings you ultimate relaxation! A hotel with a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme, infrastructure with technical equipment as well as the perfect culinary programme offers you everything you need for some relaxation. Which city could be better than one built on numerous hot springs? An extensive wellbeing programme in one of the numerous wellbeing hotels is waiting for you in the spa town of Budapest, as well as many cultural activities in a wonderful, historically shaped area.

Why choose a wellbeing weekend in Budapest?

BudapestMore than 120 hot mineral springs bubble under the spa town of Budapest, which were appreciated by the Romans well over 2000 years ago. The reason is due to a fault in the Earth’s crust along the Danube River, where the great plains meet the Buda hills. In the 16th century, the Turkish Ottoman occupiers followed foot, leading to a reintroduction of spa culture. As a result, 40 baths emerged, which today unite history with culture and provide soothing elements. The healing sources for pain relief are still visited today by locals as well as tourists. Many wellbeing hotels in the spa town of Budapest offer a wonderful pool area, as well as a comprehensive pampering programme. For this reason, Budapest is exactly the right place if you are looking to experience a relaxing wellbeing weekend.

The most beautiful hotels for a wellbeing weekend in Budapest

Right nearby, where the hot mineral springs work their way upwards, you can find the Aquincum Hotel on the banks of the Danube. You can stay here from just €40 per night, including breakfast, taking advantage of the wonderful sauna areas, the pools and the fitness room. Mineral water and the use of dressing gowns are also included. The Aquincum Hotel is located in the old city of Buda, and has many wonderful cafés and wine bars just a stone’s throw away. For those searching for beauty treatments and relaxation in one, it would be better to book a room at the Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia. This hotel is also located on the banks of the Danube, just opposite Margaret Island – far away from traffic noise and dirty air. The Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia tempts guests with a wonderful thermal and wellbeing area. You can also do yoga and gymnastics at the fitness club, and therefore do something for your wellbeing.

A wellbeing weekend in Budapest in the most famous of the city’s baths

The Hotel Danubius Hotel Gellért is absolutely to be recommended, which not only is a thermal spa centre, but also is the most famous bath in the city, the Gellértbad. Like all of the other spa hotels, this vintage hotel is located on the banks of the Danube near to the Freedom bridge. Rooms can be reserved from €72 per night. The prestigious bathing palaces decorated with balconies and double columns can still be admired today in their original state dating back to 1918. It is worth visiting the brown mosaics and the turquoise blue Zsolnay ceramics, as well as the fountains, from which the hot springs flow into the baths. There are, however, many other beautiful hotels offering an extensive pampering programme in Budapest, like the stylish and elegant Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget, the traditional Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget or the Aquaworld Resort Budapest with a large water world.

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