The ‘back pain’ epidemic – what can help?

back pain reliefMost Britons suffer from persistent spine problems or occasional episodes of back pain.  Because of being sat in school, at work or in the car for hours on end, day in day out, backaches are beginning earlier in life. More than a half of young Britons (aged 18-24) experience back pain. Back pains can however be quickly relieved with the right approach.

Being active to counter back painsback pain relief 2

One of the most common causes for aches and pains in your back is the lack of movement as well as a high static strain. Even if it may feel comfortable at the time, sitting down has an impact on intervertebral disks as well as on your spine. Certain muscles are overstrained and others under strained, and blood flow is made difficult. Being active is crucial in fighting against back pain. You don’t have to become a sports fanatic; simply standing up more often throughout the day can be helpful. Cycling instead of driving, yoga, swimming and walking instead of sitting on the sofa, or a back therapy course are all gentle but effective ways to prevent back pains. Sport is also an amazing stress breaker, and there’s no doubt it is effective against aches and pains. Whether you’re under time pressures or psychological strain, if you can’t switch off your mind, you will suffer quicker and more often from such problems. Two to three sports activities per week should be enough so that your back can benefit.

Professional help for back pains

back pain relief 3If you’re suffering from acute back pains, you can gain relief through having a period of rest and use of heat plasters or their self-made equivalents. A wet towel or hot water bottle put on the affected areas allows the blood to flow easily and relaxes your muscular system. Swapping between warm and cold temperatures can also be soothing. Pain free areas should also be moved, to allow more blood to flow freely and to loosen up tissue. Lying in bed for too long can actually worsen the pains and lead to your body stiffening up.

If back pains last for days on end or are getting worse, then it’s time for some professional help. Your first port of call should be your chiropractor. Serious problems, such as poor posture and musculoskeletal pain can be noticed and suitable preventative methods can be found.  Mild painkillers, physiotherapy and massages are a common option. However tailored wellness holidays with professional back treatments may be way more helpful. SpaDreams offers a wide range of hotels offering programmes suitable for those, who seek effective back pain relief.

For persistent back pains, it is advised to follow the advice of physiotherapists who may introduce suspension training, which can help towards getting a strong and pain free back. Back therapy courses equally provide helpful tips and tricks for a daily life that’s kind to your back.

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The ‘back pain’ epidemic – what can help?
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