Wellness on a budget

Wellness Holiday Destinations on a Budget

Spa and wellness holidays are usually considered very expensive treats, however SpaDreams has over 1000 offers, which match different budgets – no matter if you want to spend 200 or 20.000 pounds, you will be able to find your dream holiday.

There are destinations, which offer amazing spa resorts at affordable prices. Our favourie ones are Portugal, Bulgaria, Morocco and Croatia.


In Portugal we’d definitely recommend Madeira.  Madeira is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but it can be easily accessed by plane (Funchal Airport). If you wish to escape from all the tourists in Madeira, you can go for a walk in the laurisilva forest or go for a ferry trip (2.5 h) to the little sister island of Madeira – Porto Santo. If you are purely interested in spa and wellness holidays, then don’t look further and check out SpaDreams spa and wellness hotels available from as little as 30 pounds per person per night.

Hotel Galosol –  in Portugal


Bulgaria has something for everyone as in Winter it tempts with ski resorts, while in Summer it invites to its golden beaches. Alternatively, you can go to  the heart of Bulgaria – the area around the city of Plovdiv pulsing with thermal springs appreciated since the ancient times for their healing properties. A package of three nights with 3 spa treatments and breakfast is available from 127 pounds per person.

Spa Hotel Hissar –  in Bulgaria

SpaHotel Hissar



Morrocco is a dream spa destination for everybody who has heard of the miraculous properties of Argan oil, Moroccan hammam bath or treatments with use of donkey milk. Apart from the indulgent spa treatments Morocco offers excursions in the Atlas Mountains and cultural treasures such as Bahia Palace or Saadia tombs as well as lively street market in Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh. With prices from 20 pounds per person per night, the hotel is Morocco tempt with exotic attractions at reasonable cost.

Hotel Le Tazarkount – in Morocco


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