Getting slim and fit in the New Year

Every New Year we plan on doing more sport, eating less fast food and eating more vegetables – overall becoming a better person. And every New Year, the first resolution is broken within the first week at the latest. Breaking the rest of them doesn’t take long either. Having too many resolutions seems unachievable and only demotivates you. You should therefore stick to concrete and realistic goals.

Slim and fit

We’ve put together the following tips:

  1. Set concrete goals
  • DON’T: I want to lose weight!
  • DO: by June I will have lost 10 pounds
  1. Don’t set too many goals
  • DON’T: I want to lose weight, do lots of sport, quit smoking and eat healthily
  • DO: in January I’ll start with sorting out my diet, in February I’ll start doing sport and will give up smoking
  1. Only set realistic goals
  • DON’T: by the summer I will have lost 60 pounds and ran a marathon
  • DO: every month I’ll lose 4 pounds, I’ll sort out my diet and start jogging
  1. Share your goals with others
  • DON’T: set your goals and keep them to yourself
  • DO: write them down and share them with friends, it can motivate you as well
  1. Keep reviewing your goals
  • DON’T: notice at the end of the year that you’re still smoking and you’ve only lost 10 pounds
  • DO: keep reviewing your goals and set intermediate goals

jogging together

Only people who set realistic and concrete goals have a chance to actually achieve them. Many goals can be accomplished with the help of friends. Mutually motivating each other to go jogging in bad weather – or cooking together instead of ordering a greasy pizza. If you want to start jogging, you can sign up to a 5K run. Then you have a training goal that you can work towards.

Small changes can often bring us a little closer to our goal. Instead of changing your whole diet immediately, you can gradually switch from unhealthy to healthy foods. First you can replace the sugary drinks with water and tea, then replace the daily visits to fast food restaurants with home-made food from home etc.

Even light daily activities can help a lot! Take the stairs instead of going in the lift, choose to walk or cycle to work instead of driving or going on the train – or even get off one station earlier and walk the rest of the journey. If you want to go to the gym, bring your bag to work with you and go straight to the gym instead of going home and being tempted in by your comfy sofa.

We wish you every success in the New Year with your resolutions! Hopefully our tips can help you to stick to them a little big better.

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