Six Tips to Keep Your Energy Up

We all know the mid-day lethargy that comes along not long after lunch.  It’s when we go for that afternoon coffee or energy drink.  Well we here at SpaDreams always want you to be your best self, so we’re giving you our top Six Tips for Keeping Energy Alive all day long.  Scroll down to read the full details of our six tips!

6 Ways to Wake-up Refreshed

1.) Start the day with a stretch.  Wake up your muscles and open free movement within the body for energy to move.  Try just 10 minutes of stretching in the morning and see how you feel after just one week.  We think you’ll love this change for the good!

2.) Hydrate first.  Before your first cup of coffee, start the morning with a glass of water.  After sleeping all night, it’s probably been at least 8-hours since your body has received this vital energy source.

3.) Limit Caffeine.  Building off tip number two, be warned, caffeine is a diuretic and will dehydrate you.  Sure that morning jolt can help you get going, but what if you broke the habit and no longer needed it?

4.) Eat Breakfast.  Our fourth tip for having more energy is a classic.  Studies have proven that those who eat breakfast have more focus during the day and are more likely to be of a healthy weight.  Eating regular meals helps keep the blood sugar regulated, and thus guarantees more energy as you can avoid those low blood sugar crashes.

5.) Get Moving.  How about following your morning stretch with a short cardio workout? Just 20 minutes of exercise a day can help build your stamina and leave you with more energy throughout the whole day.

6.) Be Positive!  Our final tip for having more energy all day long is to stay positive.  Sure,  it’s must easier said than done, but if you can manage to control anger and stress you will find your emotional energy rise off the charts.

Are you struggling with fatigue and burnout?

If your problem seems more serious than just a few days of low energy you could be suffering from a more serious burn-out syndrome.  Read more about Burn-out Syndrome and how to heal on our blog here.  SpaDreams also offers holidays that specialize in healing burn-out and stress-reduciton.  Browse our burn-out healing holidays here.


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