Detoxification and purification with detox in Hungary

Most people only know the term detox because many movie stars use it to detoxify and purify. On closer examination of this topic you may realise that this method could also be used for a personal spring treatment.

Detoxifying and purifying are not inventions of modern times, already ancient healing methods as fasting had the same purpose. The detox cure is presented as a gentle method to detoxify and is often offered at hotels with wellness treatments and health aspects. In Hungary, the country with many thermal springs and spa guests, the detox treatment has been known since a long time.

How does detoxifying and purifying work with detox?

To rid the body of harmful substances it has contact with every day, many people try different special diets. Meanwhile, this area has become very extensive, not only concerning the specific products but also various massage and relaxation techniques shall enhance the effect of detox. To perform a detoxification of the body, various methods can be applied.

Hotel Europa Fit in Hungary

Hotel Europa Fit

Each provider has its own offers which interested people can choose from according to their preferences. While some prefer drinking certain juices to transport the harmful substances from the body, others use a tablespoon of oil which they retain in the mouth and chew for 10 minutes. Also laxative tea could be a way to detoxify. Generally, these methods aim to support the natural detoxification functions of the body by stimulating the liver and kidneys.

A great place for vacation with detox

Hungary provides a lot of offers that have a health aspect. The Hotel Europe Fit in the Hungarian spa town of Bad Héviz at the Balaton lake offers a special SOTHYS Detox treatment. The hotel is located not far from the thermal lake with its natural hot springs and has a wellness area as well as a spa department.

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Detoxification and purification with detox in Hungary
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