Detoxing in Europe: May is the best time to book

A Detox Holiday can be hard to find motivation for….understandable right? But ideally you are more determined to complete and master a Detox whilst being in professional hands of a resort. You have everything laid out for you, you have experts there for advice, help and the various activities stated in the programme. In addition, being surrounded exotic and a beautiful atmosphere helps with the mentality side of detoxing massively. Whilst having the Spa side attached to every Detox programme available for your use, to fully relax and enjoy the holiday fully!

Europe is the home of Detox & Health, and with a huge selection of resorts in Europe specialising in Detox, you will not be short of choice! With a large majority of famous detoxing methods are based in Europe, for example, F.X Mayr fasting was brought into the Health scene in Austria, whereas the Kneipp & ever opposing Buchinger fasting programmes dominate the European climate and were both founded in Germany. They are just to name a few of the great detox & fasting programmes available!  With the professional help you receive at every resort, it makes the detoxing programmes that little easier. Helping you achieve your goal, whether it is too loose weight, to feel healthy or preparing for summer, it caters for all!


This brings us on to why now of all times is the best time to book a detox holiday? I’ll explain.

A vast majority of Health Enthusiasts seek to Detox & Fast either after the Christmas period (guilty of this) and during spring, so they are ready for the summer and feel good about themselves. So now we have began May, summer is approaching incredibly fast and now is the time to Detox over the next 8 weeks especially so you are ready for the sunny months of July, August & September. This is why SpaDreams is for this month only giving every customer 5% DISCOUNT off their Detox & Fasting holiday, this counts for ANY resort available on our website! The only rule is, you only have to BOOK the holiday by 1st June! You can impart on your holiday at whatever date you like, you just need to book this month (MAY).

Now getting your Detox vacation at 5% discount is great, but the fact over the next 8 weeks is the perfect time for a detox or fasting, you’re getting it at a discounted price!! Visit and you will see the vast amounts of great deals & the money you can save this month! For specific fasting holidays discounted at 5% visit

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Detoxing in Europe: May is the best time to book
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