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Germany and Austria are renowned for a wide range of health & wellness holiday offers related to nutrition, fasting, detox and weight-loss. The reason behind it, is that the pioneers of fasting as a healing method, come from these countries. The most popular ones are: O.Buchinger, F.X. Mayr, J.Schroth and S.Kneipp.

Otto Buchinger (Germany, 1878-1966) is the originator of therapeutic fasting based on fruit juices and vegetable broth.

Hotels offering fasting according to Buchinger – our picks:


Franz Xaver Mayr (Austria, 1875-1965) is the inventor of milk and bread fasting, which has been developed into so called “modern F.X. Mayr fasting” offered today by specialised health centres and hotels.

Hotels offering F.X. Mayr fasting – our picks:

Johann Schroth (then Austria, now Czech Rep., 1798-1856) invented a healing treatment based on diversified drink intake (“dry” and “drinkable” days), fasting diet and cold body wraps.

Hotels offering Schroth cure – our picks:


Sebastian Kneipp (Germany, 1821–1897) is the pioneer of hydrotherapeutic treatments, which support fasting programmes and body regeneration.

Best hotel for Kneipp treatments – our recommendation:

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