Top 3 Destinations to Detox

Looking to lose those stubborn last pounds ? Have more energy ? Cleanse your mind ? Purify your soul ? And discover new regions ? All at affordable prices ?

SpaDreams, your Health & Wellness specialist will fulfill each criterion gladly and will most certainly surpass your expectations with the extensive selection of Detox Retreats available at the fingertips of guests.

Our Detox retreats promise to rid each organ and tissue of all the toxics you breathe, eat, and consume. Promise to help you reach your weight goals. Under the supervision of experts, doctors, and Detox specialists ensuring you take the healthy route for your quest and guarantee a sustainable change and not a quick fix.

Discover why we chose these destinations to be the Top Three Destinations to Detox . Why they are perfect to be chosen as a first step for a healthier lifestyle.


Where luxury and recreation meet health and wellness.

Welcome summer and get in shape in style by staying directly by the beach on the shorelines of Ibiza. Mediterranean ambience that will surely create a feel good atmosphere.

A pick of the best Detox Retreats in Spain


Connect with yourself in ways you never knew.

Spiritual healing on white Natai Beach, within a Buddhist atmosphere, and surrounded by ancient temples. Activities such as snorkeling, hiking, canoeing, diving and of course Yoga will keep the blood circulation going long and strong when detoxing.

Browse through Thailand’s Detox Retreats


Explore the largest lake in Central Europe; Balaton.

Known for the numerous number of resorts surrounding the entire area. That is mainly because of the soil’s properties and their use in medical applications. Detox in Hungary offers more than weight loss, it is an entire thermal treatment experience.

Get acquainted with Detox Retreats in Hungary



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Top 3 Destinations to Detox
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