Yoga weekends 2015 Albena – Bulgaria

The Indian yoga teacher Sandeep Kumar is in Albena, where he teaches Hatha yoga. Sandeep mixes various breathing techniques with Power Yoga and Laughter Yoga. His philosophy is based on the balance of one’s self. Sandeep practiced & mastered yoga since he was a child. He studied Master of Yoga Gurukul Kangri Sciences at University in Northern India and has made his Bachelor of Music at the University of Kurukshetra. He is a supporter of the famous guru Swami Dev Murti and an expert in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Acupressure. Benefit from the personal consultation by Sandeep on yoga exercises and acupressure, as he personally focuses on each individual.

Guests of the Hotel Flamingo Grand in Albena on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria have the opportunity to attend the seminars from Indian Yoga teacher Sandeep Kumar in July and August 2015.

The following timetable & programmes are here:

07.08. TILL 09.08.2015 – HATHA YOGA


07. August17:30-19:30Lecture and Yoga exercises
08. August07:30-09:30Yoga Exercises
09:30-10:30Breakfast and Free time
17:00-19:00Ashtanga Yoga, dynamic meditation
19:30-21:00Dinner Time
09. August07:30-09:30Hatha Yoga, therapeutic yoga & Game for stress relief
09:30-10:30Breakfast & talking with Sandeep about health issues and treatment options

14.08. TILL 16.08.2015 – KRIYA YOGA

This workshop is aimed at participants of previous seminars Sandeep, who are already well advanced in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, breathing exercises and the pursuit of perfection and self-discovery. Kriya Yoga is also known as “yoga of action”. Kriya Yoga includes a series of asanas, breathing techniques, mudras and bandhas, through which we reach our spiritual power and inner peace and meditation.


14. August17:30-19:30Lecture, hatha yoga & Breathing exercises
21:30Candlelight Meditation, singing & dancing
15. August07:00-09:00Stiller day - Enjoy the nursing detoxification, yoga exercises, breathing exercises
10:30-12:00Meditation in the Lobby
14:00-16:00Pause and Meditation
16:00-16:30Tea Time
17:00-19:00Yoga exercises, Breathing exercises
19:30-20:30Fantastic Dinner
16. August07:00-09:00Detoxification - water with lemon, Neti, Nauli yoga exercises, breathing exercises, Meditation
09:00End of the silent day with games
09:30-10:30Breakfast, free time and consultation with Sandeep

Guests at the Hotel Flamingo Grand in Albena you can book their courses locally at the hotel. Do not let this opportunity be missed!


2 hour course – 15 BGN (about €7.67)

1 full day (7: 00-19: 30) – 35 BGN (about €17.90)

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