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Turquoise waters glitter inside vast harbours and on the edge of soft beaches, hot springs bubble and lengthy hiking trails wriggle through underground caverns and past sublime waterfalls. From the sweeping cliffs of the Dalmatian Coast to the dramatic peaks of the Dinaric Alps, Croatia offers an array of awe-inspiring landscapes.  

Croatia is the perfect destination for an island escape – over a 1000 islands scattered along the coast the country attract sailing and water sports enthusiasts enchanted by the secluded coves and sparkling sapphire waters of the Adriatic Sea. The coast of Croatia is certainly its flagship attraction; however it is not the greatest natural wonder of the country. The region Plitvice is a haven of rare animal species and hides a picturesque tableau of tranquil lakes, caves and waterfalls. Listed as a World Heritage Site, Plitvice is a true sanctuary for nature lovers everywhere.

The stunning natural landscapes are not the only attraction of Croatia. Gourmet wine and delicious food will delight your taste buds, whilst an abundance of fascinating museums will engross your mind. The hilly terrain and sunshine have been utilised by the local vineyards since the times of the ancient Greek settlers. Blessed by the treasures of the sea, Croatia offers exquisite sea food and fish dishes, as well as superior thalasso spa treatments with use of sea water, algae and nourishing sea salt. 

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