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Home office motivation

The best Ayurveda tips for better concentration

Hamburg, April 14th,  2020.

Due to the current corona crisis, more and more employees are being drawn to their home desks in order to minimize the risk of infection and thus protect their fellow human beings. Working from home, however, is not easy for everyone - the distraction lurking within one's homes weighs on self-discipline. If you are looking for alternative motivation tips for your office work at home, Ayurveda is the place to find them. The traditional Indian healing method offers many practices that increase the ability to concentrate, can be easily integrated into everyday life at home and structure the daily routine. Incidentally, the Ayurvedic routines serve as a detox miracle therapy, which strengthens mental and physical health and with a touch of exoticism even satisfies the yearning for wanderlust.

SpaDreams, the leading Ayurveda specialist, presents the best tips for Ayurvedic home office motivation...

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Spring Diets with SpaDreams

Shed those winter pounds in time for bikini season

Hamburg, March 9th, 2020.

As the days get longer again and the first flowers start blooming, spring is already in the air. This is the time to shed these winter pounds that make even the most beautiful spring fashions look unflattering. For the spring diet to be successful in the long term, Claudia Wagner, managing director of SpaDreams, Europe's largest tour operator for health and wellness holidays, does not recommend a hasty rush but rather a more conscious start into a new body awareness...

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Sauna dress code in Europe

Different countries, different sauna dress codes

Hamburg, February 19th, 2020.

The current winter weather with its freezing temperatures is once again attracting many people throughout Europe to saunas and wellness temples. But beware: the "dress code" for sweat rooms is by no means uniform in all countries. SpaDreams, part of the Fit Reisen Group, Europe’s leading specialist for wellness and health holidays, has asked its country experts to ensure that there are no unintentional conflicts in saunas during the wellness holidays...

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Pay more attention to health in 2020

The best hotels for detox, fitness,
anti-smoking and more.

Hamburg, January 28th, 2020.

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, health is high on the list of priorities for many people: Lose a few pounds, do more sports, clean eating and to spend less time glued to our electronics - commendable goals that unfortunately quickly fall prey to everyday habits after the holidays. A great motivational aid is provided by health hotels, which are currently enticing people with programmes such as fasting, (digital) detox, fitness and smoking cessation. The experts from SpaDreams, Europe's leading health and wellness tour operator, have put together the best accommodation for a healthy new year ...

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4 Tips for Luxury Holidays

Clear the Mind, Relax the
Body and Regenerate the Soul.

Frankfurt, April 7th, 2017.

Luxury travel is trending. High on the agenda for those with the means are deluxe health and spa holidays: in a sublime environment, relaxations is more easily found. SpaDreams, the #1 source for health and spa holidays in Europe is currently increasing their range of packages for this discerning target group. Those looking for the perfect body & soul getaway this summer will be spoilt for choice. Ellen Marek, Country Manager for SpaDreams English speaking market, shares her insider tips.

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The Need for A Healthy Holiday

SpaDreams publishes 2017 Health Tourism Trends

Frankfurt, 21st February 2017.

Health holidays are in. More and more people are now using their holidays to refresh both their body and mind. SpaDreams – the leading specialist as four trends for 2017. The analysis of the data from the largest health tourism database in Europe has indicated a significant increase in demand for specific holiday offers.

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SpaDreams Spreads Christmas Cheer with Holiday Advent Calendar

Win Attractive Wellness-Related Gifts – Grand Prize a Spa Weekend Getaway

Frankfurt, 1st december 2016.

Only 24 days left: Christmas spirit is everywhere - whilst baking cookies, wrapping presents or drinking mulled wine at the Christmas market. The new SpaDreams advent calendar brings with it a touch of international flair. The largest specialist tour operator for health and wellness travel is sending travel enthusiasts, along with Christmas cookies, around the world to find sunshine and relaxation.

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The SpaDreams website with a new look and new features

Modern, intuitive and optimised for mobile devices: The SpaDreams website with a new look and new features

Frankfurt, 7th July 2016.

The specialist tour operator in health and wellness travel is well known for its innovations. The website has been completely redesigned this year to stay on the cutting edge for the customers. A holiday feeling accompanying you from the homepage right up to booking the hotel, no effort - just pure joy of planning your holiday is the guiding principle for the company.

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Count down to Christmas with the SpaDreams Advent Calendar

Win beautiful gifts every day - the grand prize is a wellness weekend!

Frankfurt, 1st December, 2015.

This year, you can count down to Christmas once again with the biggest specialist for Health and Wellness travel - SpaDreams has a Wellness Advent Calendar packed full of prizes ready for its customers.

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SpaDreams has attractive offers ready for World Psoriasis Day

Relax and relieve symptoms at the Dead Sea

Frankfurt, 28th October, 2015.

In the UK 2% of the population suffer from peeling and irritable skin, the external symptoms of psoriasis. In order to combat prejudices and advocate better medical care, patients and doctor have been observing World Psoriasis Day on the 29th October since 2004. 

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Rediscover your inner-self in beautiful Kerala with SpaDreams

Bring your body, spirit and soul into balance with Original-Ayurveda

Frankfurt, 24th September, 2015.

Anyone looking to learn all about authentic Ayurveda should not miss out on this special offer! In the centre of a dreamlike 1.5 hectare garden, directly on the white sandy beach of Chavakkad, the Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort welcomes its guests.

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Relax in a dreamlike location by the Polish Baltic sea

Breathe in healthy sea air in Dzwirzyno

Frankfurt, 31st August 2015.

The latest offer from SpaDreams whisks those seeking rest and relaxation away to the unique dune landscape of the Polish Baltic sea. Surrounded by pine forests and in close proximity to the heavenly beach, the five star Havet Hotel Resort & Spa***** offers its guests a warm welcome.

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