The term Thalasso is derived from the Greek word thalassa meaning sea. Thalasso denotes cures and wellness treatments which use sea water, algae and mud in the ocean climate. The proteins, trace elements, minerals and vitamins that the sea contains are passed on to the human body where they exert their healing effects. Thalasso therapy stimulates metabolism and keeps the immune system intact. 

After France, Tunisia is the second biggest provider of Thalasso therapy in the world.

Quality criteria for Thalasso spas (Thalasso Congress Rostock, 2002). A Thalasso Centre must:

- be located close to the sea (maximum 300m away)

- use fresh sea water for treatments, have at least one seawater swimming  pool and a sufficient number of treatment cabins to offer each customer three thalassothearapy treatments per day.

- have a professional team with a spa doctor, masseuses and sports instructors.