One of the happiest countries on Earth

Welcome to Denmark!

Step into a modern Scandinavian fairytale as you follow winding cobbles streets that twist and turn past shining glass buildings and charming Danish cottages alike. A diverse country located between Skagerrak and Kattegat straits, Denmark offers its visitors stunning seascapes of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, vast stretches of countryside, enchanting villages and captivating cities with minimal traffic. Even Denmark's capital Copenhagen priorities people over cars, and oozes with a sense of hygge - a quintessentially Danish word meaning the epitome of cosiness, warmth and good times with good people!   

Such a friendly and warming country makes the perfect destination for a spa holiday. With cycling tours, cosy cafes and picturesque harbours available just outside your door, your spa holiday in Denmark is an ideal opportunity to explore one of the world's happiest countries. Quaint Danish architecture and exceptional interior design amaze our hotel guests with its majestic flair, clear geometric forms and eco-friendliness. Bornholm, a small, tranquil island on the Baltic Sea,  beckons nature lovers with its unspoiled sandy beaches and rough rocky hills - ideal for Nordic walking or jogging. 

Raw Scandinavian beauty and purity is reflected in the luxury treatments available at our spas in Denmark, with natural, organic products ideal for sensitive skin prone to allergies. From massages and body wraps to a range of nourishing facial treatments, at our spas in Denmark you will be able to find all you need for ultimate relaxation and indulgence. Spas in Denmark often offer superior sauna complexes with various aromas and temperature levels to suit individual preferences of all guests. 

Let us help you plan your spa holiday in Denmark - contact our experienced customer service team to arrange your dream vacation!