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Detox Treatments: Switch Off and Purify

Your body accumulates toxins through food, air and skin. Over time, these substances can cause major damage and burden your body. A detox programme is a good solution to hekp those suffering from diseases such as neurodermitis and for anyone who feels the need for detoxification.

For gut cleanses, fruits and other healthy foods are usually used. This way, the body receieves additional support and improves the feeling of vitality and energy, which leads to an overall increase in body strength and performance.

Detox Programmes - Vitality & Energy

A detox programme, which improves health and increases vitality, as well as improves the physical condition, can be carried out in a variety of ways.

One of the most simple methods is drinking Pu Erh Tea, green tea, herbal teas or a lot of still water. You should regularly drink a lot of healthy drinks throughout the day in order to rid your body of toxins.

Ayurveda and herbal medicines are especially rich in solutions for detoxification. Herbs are used as tea infusions as well as medicines, which have effective detoxifying properties. Apart from milk thistle, there are many other herbs that support the cleansing of the liver and gut. If however, you suffer from any liver diseases, it is worth consulting your doctor before any detox treatments. You are advised to seek medical advice before taking any herbal medicines.

Another opportunity for holistic and sustainable care for your body is through an ayurvedic diet, which prevents the intake of new food toxins. It is important to remember that regular eating times should be developed and the diet should be supplemented with ayurvedic teas compatible with your dosha. The diet is based on healthy vegetables prepared to specific guidelines.

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to combine your detox treatment with a holiday. This way, you can focus on yourself and the treatment in a peaceful ambience and treat yourself to a holiday break in a health hotel or a detox retreat.

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