Eden Garden

Traditional Ayurveda under the palm trees

Familial resort 20 years Ayurveda experience Quiet location in a tropical palm grove Trivandrum around 55km away

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Classic Ayurveda Cure

from 6 nights, double room, full-board

Ideal for joint pains, rheumatism, arthritis, illnesses of the musculoskeltal system, heart and irculatorary problems, diabetes, asthma, kidney and urinary tract diseases, migraines, as well as stress symptoms, such as insomina, digestive problems, high blood pressure and allergies. Contra-indications: acute inflammations, malignant tumors, infectious diseases, tuberculosis.

  • Ayurvedic full board and warm herbal water
  • Initial examination and daily consultations with the Ayurvedic doctor, determination of the Dosha and creation of the individual treatment and nutritional programme
  • Up to 2 hours of Ayurveda treatments per day, according to the doctor's recommendation, e.g. Abhyanga full ody massage, herbal bath, Kati Vasti (oil treatment in a pastry ring to treat back or joint pain), Pizhichil (oil bath) and much more
  • Daily Ayurvedic herbal medicine
  • Daily Yoga lesson
  • 1x Ayurveda group discussion per wekk
  • WiFi in the lobby
  • Transfer to/from Trivandrum airport

Telephone booking code: 74BP1


Eden Garden in detail

Your Holiday Destination

☀ Varkala lies between Thiruvanathapuram (around 42 km) and Kollam (around 35 km), in the tropical state of Kerala. The coastal location is very popular, above all amongst pilgrims and tourists, as Guru Sree Narayana ist buried here. At the end of the 19th century he fought against the social injustices of the Caste system. As well as this, there is a Vishnu temple from the 13th century, as well as countless natural sources, whose water is supposed to have a healing effect. Overall though, the region is not so touristy.

Your Ayurveda Resort

The tradional, family run resort cam ne found outside of the small coastal city of Varkala, far from the everyday city stress, and surrounded by countless palm trees. 20 years experience in the firld of Ayurveda and a pleasant familiar atmosphere are the unique selling point of the resort. The famous Varkala beach is an around 10 minute walk away (please take note of the flags- there can be strong tidal currents). The tropical garden, crossed through by waterways, lives up to the name of the resort.

How You Reside

Alltogether there are 14 cottages spread over the resort area (around 4750qm). All cottages are simply but cosily furnished, with a bath or shower and toilet. 6 Bamboo Cottages very close to the lobby in typical local style. 4 Hill Cottages made of brick with an upstream Veranda. 4 Luxury Cottages in a round, futuristic building style with large windows. WiFi in the lobby.

Description of available rooms


A balanced diet is a key element of Ayurvedic teachings. Depending on age, gender, Dosha and digestion, the dietary requirements are different. Therefore, in the restaturant of the Eden Garden Ayurvedic Health Resort, individual Ayurvedic cooking, based on the recommendations of the Ayurvedc doctor, is served.

Ayurveda Centre

The Eden Garden Ayurvedic Health Resort places a lot of worth on a holistic approach to Ayurveda cures. The cleansing and rejuvenating cures are therefore supplemented with Yoga and Meditation, as well as a balanced and Dosha suited diet. The main focus of the detailed treatment plan is individually tailored for guests on site, in a consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor. 47 Ayurvedic doctors and 11 therapists give intensive care, to ensure the success of the cure.

Free Time

Aside from beach walks on the nearby Varkala Beach (around a 10 minute walk), there is variety of free time activities in and around Varkala. The resort is happy to help with the organization of elephant rides or house boat excursions in the backwaters. Those who want to deepen their knowledge of Yoga and its practice can also take part in private lessons.

Additional information

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Trivandrum International Airport (TRV) (ca. 47 km / 86 Minuten)

ARRIVAL Airport: Trivandrum (TRV), around 55km

TRANSFER (there and back): Included with the cure from TRV airport, additional person FIT74BT1 €35 (there & back)

INFO Visa and health requirements on request


Eden Garden
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