Holidays in Estonia


Forested hills, mystic moorlands and traditional seaside resorts

Welcome to Estonia!

A magnificent red sun descends slowly over the Baltic Sea and sinks into the horizon, graceful deer scamper between the trees, and the glass-like stillness of the twinkling lakes is disturbed only by birds settling on the grassy islands speckled across their surfaces - Estonia is a haven of untouched nature.

Woodland trails wind through pine forests, providing the perfect paths for keen walkers. Home to around 40 national parks and conservation areas, and with a landscape consisting of 50% forest, Estonia is an idyllic destination for anyone looking to reconnect with nature, breath in fresh air and get active in stunning locations. In the winter Estonia turns into a Narnina-like wonderland, perfect for snowy adventures! 

Although Estonia's charming rustic villages may make you feel like you've stepped into a Mark Twain novel, Estonia is far from regressive. As one of the leading pioneers of the digital age, Estonia operates as an "e-society" , where residents can do anything from voting to paying taxes online. WiFi is available almost everywhere in the country, from the centre of a busy high street to the core of a remote forest. 

The Estonian coastline meets the beautiful Baltic sea and is the perfect destination for a spa break. From exquisite thalassotherapy treatments to soothing massages, our partner hotels in Estonia will cater for your every desire.

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