Fasting in Germany

Fasting in Germany

Rejuvenate in the home of fasting

Types of Fasting in Germany

Authentic Cures in The Home of Therapeutic Fasting

Are you looking for an effective treatment to boost your metabolism and feel light and healthy again? We offer a range of detox, fasting and weight loss holidays in Europe. One of the most popular destinations for fasting retreats is Germany, known as the home of therapeutic fasting and the drinking cure; Fasting according to Buchinger.

Centuries ago fasting was seen as a religious form of asceticism. Germany is known for being the pioneers of therapeutic fasting. Another popular drinking cure in Germany is the Kneipp Therapy, named after Sebastian Kneipp. Fasting for health is becoming increasingly popular or even fashionable as it is a natural and effective way to detoxify and lose weight. In addition to Buchinger and Kneipp’s therapies, German health and spa resorts offer also original fasting therapies according to Franz Xaver Mayr and Johann Schroth

Fasting involves reduced calorie intake, but that does not indicate that you won’t have the energy for exercises or outdoor activities. Fasters often report a sense of renewed vitality, and it makes you feel revived and ready for challenges such as long walks or hikes. Germany is one of the best destinations for outdoor activities - most of our retreats offering fasting lie in scenic locations suitable for outdoor exercises, yoga, Tai Chi and long walks. Some of the most popular destinations for fasting are Oberstaufen (for Schroth Cure) and Bad Wörishofen (for Kneipp Therapy). 

Buchinger and F.X. Mayr fasting is available in various locations, mainly in small traditional spa towns in the south, in the highlands of Hessen and Bavaria or in the alpine foothills. Discover your perfect fasting retreat with SpaDreams and take the first step towards a new, healthier life!

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