Finland Holiday

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Our Northern European neighbor Finland impresses visitors with its great natural treasures and varied landscapes. While the Finnish hill country extends in the east of the country, the central part of Finland is crisscrossed by some 190,000 lakes. In the north, international and national visitors will not only meet the unique forest and moor landscapes, but also the culture of Lapland, which is still practiced today by the ethnic minority of the Sami people and shows the at-one-with-nature mentality of Finland.
Those searching for relaxation and rejuvenation should browse the wide selection of spa hotels and spa resorts, which of course come with traditional sauna baths and make a stay in Finland a special experience.

Facts & Figures

Official name: Suomen tasavalta (Republic of Finland)
Location: Northern Europe, between Sweden and Russia
Area: 338.432 km²
Capital: Helsinki
Population: 5.5 million
Religious and ethnic groups: 73% Evangelical Lutheran; ethnic minority of the Sami live in the north of the country
Language: Finnish (official), Swedish, English
Geography: Snow-covered landscapes crisscrossed by a multitude of lakes and rivers; highest elevation: Haltitunturi (1324 m)
Time zone: Eastern European time (UTC + 2:00 or + 03:00 between March and October)
Political and Economic: Parliamentary Democracy; GDP: EUR 266.5 billion (2011)
Currency: Euro (since 1999)

Arrival and departure

Aviation plays a significant role in international tourism due to the vastness of Finland, and it has more than 20 airports. In addition, this simple form of travel also offers the possibility of arriving by ship from neighboring countries or using the well-developed road and rail network inland. Due to the widely separated cities, however, it is often discouraged for reasons of time.
Flight duration:
Vaccinations: In certain parts of the country, tick-bites can pass on tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) during certain seasons (mainly March-October) so you may want to look into getting a vaccination against this.

Climate and best time to travel

Finland has a temperate continental climate with long, warm summers and cold winter months.
Winter average temperature: -9.75 ° C (Northern Finland), -7.25 ° C (Central Finland), -4 ° C (Southern Finland)
Summer average temperature: 14 ° C (Northern Finland), 16.9 ° C (Central Finland), 17.2 ° C (Southern Finland))
Water temperature: (Baltic Sea) max. 20 ° C in August
The best travel time is between June and August during the summer months, as it is a lovely time to enjoy pleasant temperatures and long sunny days. For winter sports fans, however, despite the short days, the winter months offer guaranteed snowy ski slopes.

The most beautiful holiday regions

Lapland - Land of bears, reindeer, and home to natural lake landscapes
Hanko - Finland's southernmost city right on the Scandinavian Gold Coast is known as the paradise for surfers and beach vacationers

Public holidays and celebrations

New Year (January 1), Good Friday (April / March), Easter Monday (April), Labor Day (May 1), Ascension Day (May), Pentecost (June / May), All Saints Day (November 1), Independence Day ( December 6), Christmas (December 25), St. Stephen's Day (December 26).

DOs and DON'Ts

• Always be polite: whether it is a simple thank you in everyday life, a friendly beckoning for stopping buses or handing back your own mugs in the café - the Finns place great value on courtesy and respect.
• Patience pays off: In Finland people speak slowly and deliberately with many pauses in conversations. The patience is worth it - most Finns, despite the overcooled nature, turn out to be attentive listeners and interesting conversation partners!

• Tipping: Although now somewhat accepted in tourist centers, most Finns are rather irritated by tipping. In most cases, a small amount is already included in the bill.
• Eating in between meals: Meal times are very important in Finland and eating on the street is therefore rare. Take your time and get to know the Finnish cuisine in one of the numerous restaurants!
• Don’t wear clothes in the sauna: Of course, the sanctuary of the Finns has its own rules. Therefore, it is rather uncommon to go with clothes (such as a towel or bathrobe) in the sauna. Do not worry, men and women also go into separate saunas.

Holiday tips

Can you drink the tap water? Finnish tap water is one of the cleanest in the world and can be drank without any hesitation.
Do I need an adapter? If you are coming from outside of continental Europe yes. In Finland, the same sockets are used as in Germany.
What about medical care? Medical care in the cities is generally considered very satisfactory. Since this is not always the case in the more rural areas, a travel health insurance with medical evacuation transport is advised.

Top tips and discoveries

As a gathering place for politics, culture, business and science, Helsinki plays a special role in the tourism sector - every year a large number of tourists visit the European metropolis to experience classical architecture and modern city life.  Noteworthy is the Finnish National Theater and the Finnish National Opera, which clearly emphasizes the high cultural significance. Apart from other points of interest such as the National Gallery, Helsinki is also a place of relaxation and rest with more than 30% of the city available as forests and parks.

Regions in Finland