Health Conditions Overview

Health Indications Overview

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Welcome to our world of therapies and spas! Would you like to know how a certain disease can be treated during the holidays? Then you have found exactly what you are looking for! On this page you will find an overview of the various indications and diseases for which we offer course holidays.

I have... What can I do?

For every person there comes a time of struggling with the first physical problems, for some it comes much too early. A healthy holiday can make an important contribution to reducing the symptoms in the long-term rather than increasing them. In some cases it can even help to heal the symptoms completely.

In addition to the main diseases listed above, there are of course many others that can be treated. In the following you will find further information on all the available indications and on diseases that cover these indications.

Overview of Health Indications

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Healthy Holidays with SpaDreams

We have been active for over 40 years as a specialist in organising health holidays. The programmes that we offer with our spa hotel partners are selected according to health aspects and marked by indications, so that you as our customer will find exactly the right programme for your needs.

By clicking the indications you will receive additional information and access to special offers. For individual advice: Contact us!

All Health Information in Detail

Movement Indications

The word "musculoskeletal system" is very often heard in connection with a healthy holiday. Though, hardly anyone can imagine anything concrete under the term when they hear it for the first time. Did you recognise this term? In principle, "musculoskeletal system" means all parts of the body that are used for the movements which is a large number. Below, we have divided this area into different groups.

Typical diganoses and symptoms in the area of diseases of the musculoskeletal system: Back Pain, Muscle Problems, Long-Term Pain and Inability to Move After Operations or Injuries, Sport Injuries, Tendonitis, Sprains, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow, Lumbar Spine, Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis Bechterews Disease, Scheuermann Disease, Whiplash Trauma.

1) Herniated Disc/Spine

The hernia and spine programmes include treatments such as special back massages or warm mud wraps. These are usually supplemented by back exercises. Depending on the intensity of the programme, extensive diagnostic and specialist treatments can also be provided. For this indication, however, there are also many lighter programmes aimed at relaxing the spine and intervertebral discs. These programmes are ideal for people who often bend over their desk or have lifted heavy weight.

All programmes that fit the indication: Herniated Disc and Spine

2) Rheumatism/Joints/Arthritis

This indication covers all programmes that primarily target inflammation of rheumatism, joint problems and arthritis. In most cases, natural remedies such as thermal water or health insulation have similar anti-inflammatory properties and the treatments are pain-relieving. Depending on form and treatment, it can often be observed that guests need less medication for a certain period after therapy.

All programmes that match the indication: Rheumatism/Joints/Arthritis

3) Back Problems

As the name suggests, all these programmes are designed to relieve back pain or, if possible, heal the pain completely. Here, too, relaxing thermal baths or massages are usually a central part of the programme.

All programmes that fit the indication: Back Problems

4) Osteoporosis/Skeleton

These programmes focus on the skeleton and the bones. For example, bone metabolism can be stimulated due to the composition of some healing water. In addition, exercise and proper nutrition are crucial - you can learn both during the holidays and then continue at home.

All programmes that fit the indication: Osteoporosis/Skeleton

5) Musculoskeletal System (Others)

If you generally want to do something for your mobility and your body awareness, you can use our collective display "The musculoskeletal System". It contains all the programmes that belong to these main areas, including many short prevention programmes that are truly entertaining and relaxing spas.

All programmes that match the indication: Musculoskeletal System (Others)

Skin Indications

In this area everything revolves around our skin and its functions. As one of our largest bodies, which can normally be seen by everyone, it deserves special care and attention.

Typical diagnoses and symptoms in the field of skin indications: Psoriasis, Vitiligo (Piebaldism), Eczema, Acne, Allergic Skin Reactions.

1) Skin/Allergies

The indication skin / allergies includes all programmes that focus on the well-being of the skin. These programmes have two aspects: The first is a beauty aspect, which strengthens the skin to look as radiantly young as possible. In addition, there are healing programmes that are more targeted at the treatment of specific skin problems such as allergic rashes, irritation, redness or acne.

All programmes that fit the indication: Skin/Allergies

2) Eczema/Psoriasis

This is, so to speak, level 2 of the skin indications. These are often skin diseases that cannot be cured and which burden those affected. In addition to psoriasis and eczema (which occur most frequently), vitiligo and ichthyosis also belong to the group. In these cases, special health climates and spa treatments are usually required to relieve the symptoms and stop them for a certain period of time. The two main remedies are the climate therapy at the Dead Sea or Ayurvedic psoriasis.

All programmes that suit the indication: Eczema/Psoriasis

Nerves and Stress

This group, mostly refers to the balance between body and mind or between body and soul. More and more stress, noise and light in big cities, constant accessibility, permanent overload or lack of the well-known work-life balance are among the most frequent causes in this area. Everyone is affected by this, both working people and family managers or people with socially demanding professions.

Typical diagnoses and symptoms in the area of nerve and stress indications: Constant Headache, Sensitivity to Light, Migraine, Weakness, Restlessness, Fear of Failure, Excessive Nervousness, High Demands and Strain, Irritability, Constant Fatigue, Nervous Tics, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Tinitus and Depression.

1) Migraine

This indication is for headache and migraine problems. Here, you will mainly find holistic healing methods, such as Ayurveda heals migraine, when it is not only about alleviating the acute symptoms, but also to find the cause and eliminate the symptoms.

All programmes that match the indication: Migraine

2) Stress/Exhaustion

Stress and exhaustion are the main indicators of this group. We all know them. From time to time we need a break from our everyday life and relax. These programmes are focused on relaxation in a class of their own. Here, you will not only spend some nights away in a hotel, but unwind with treatments which promote relaxation. In addition, the hotels are beautifully located and have a quiet atmosphere.

All programmes that match the indication: Stress/Exhaustion

3) Neurological Disorders

Once in a while, it is inevitable to take a break. Sooner or later you will need a programme that concentrates on regenerating and restoring your energy and nerves. These programmes are designed to complete the energy cycle again. By combining deceleration, sleep and relaxing treatments, you can rest and recharge your batteries.

All programmes that match the indication: Neurological Disorders

4) Burnout/Depression

Through constant availability via mobile phone and e-mail as well as constant sensory influences such as music, videos, advertising, etc., many people experience regular overstimulation and eventually become irritated and unhappy. Burnout / Depression can be the result, which is usually accompanied by depression. Our offers with the indication burnout / depression are your chance to change all this. Deep relaxation and stress management are in the foreground of these programmes. In some cases, psychology calls are also included. These are usually only in English or in the language of the hotel. At this point we would also like to point out that our programmes, even if they are of excellent quality, cannot replace the possibly necessary care of a psychologist.

All programmes that match the indication: Burnout/Depression

Metabolism and Nutrition

Our metabolism is, so to speak, the motor of our body, which uses carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins in our food to keep all bodily functions running. This group is mainly concerned with metabolic disorders and their associated symptoms. As these are related to our diet, the nutritional indications are also included in this group.

Typical diagnoses and symptoms in the field of metabolism and nutrition: Type 1 and Ttype 2 Diabetes (Diabetes), Thyroid Diseases (Hyper- or Hypofunction and Hashimoto), Gout, Lipid Metabolism Disorders (e.g. High Cholesterol), Obesity, Flatulence, Pancreatitis, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Inflammation of the Gastric Mucosa, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

1) Metabolism/Stomach/Intestines

The programmes of this indication are appropriate to promote metabolism and for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines and digestion. Also diseases of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas fall into this area. As part of the programme you will find, for example, drinking therapies (medicinal water for internal use), special diets (such as organic foods), but also special thermal baths and the corresponding massage.

All programmes that match the indication: Metabolism/Stomach/Intestines

2) Obesity/Overweight

The indication "obesity and overweight" includes programmes on the subject of losing weight and reducing obesity. Many programmes aim at a permanent weight loss. The programmes, therefore, offer a reduced diet and try to help with nutritional advice and metabolism analysis when lifestyle changes occur. In our portfolio you will find both short, lighter programmes (Weight Loss Kick Start or Detox Weeks) and longer, more intensive programmes (Professional Weight Loss Courses). However, we can promise you right away: you will not find programmes that advertise "you lose 10 kilos in one week" in our hotels. These promises are usually used for promotional reasons, the weight loss methods used are unhealthy and weight loss does not last long. At SpaDreams, your health comes first and our obesity and adiposity programmes are usually more demanding.

All programmes that match the indication: Obesity/Overweight

3) Diabetes

Diabetes is also a metabolic disorder. These special programs try to balance the metabolism and normalize the blood sugar level. Since diabetes can only be cured in a few forms, these programs focus on relieving symptoms and co-morbidity, as well as improving your lifestyle. In addition, drug use may be reduced in some cases.

All programmes that match the indication: Diabetes

All About the Organs

This group deals with all organs of the body. In this group we limit ourselves to the exact diagnoses and symptoms that can be treated during a healthy holiday.

Typical diagnoses and symptoms are: Low Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure, Poor Circulation (due to lack of exercise), Bleeding Disorders, Asthma, Kidney Stones, Gallstones, Gynaecological Disorders, Uveitis, Revitalization after Cancer Treatment.

1) Heart/Blood Vessels/Circulation

Behind this indication there are programmes to strengthen and improve blood circulation. They often work with baths and showers, for example with an alternating bath (first warm and then cold water) - but only very briefly, because in these the vessels expand in the short intervals first with cold water and then contract. But no need to worry, this treatment is more pleasant than setting the shower at home to "ice-cold". These programmes are useful for problems with arteriosclerosis, varicose veins or thrombosis.

All programmes that match the indication: Heart/Blood Vessels/Circulation

2) High Blood Pressure

In the programmes, you will find indications of high blood pressure in order to control the risk of high blood pressure. Normally there are calm relaxation programmes which also contain elements of stress management. In addition, there are therapies for reducing weight, as obesity is another risk factor for people with high blood pressure.

All programmes that match the indication: Hypertension

3) Kidneys/Urinary Tract

Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract can be very painful, not to mention constant urination. Our selected programmes for kidneys and urinary tract can help with this. These are mainly thermal therapies during which the thermal water and the additionally prescribed individual treatments specifically strengthen the kidneys and urinary tract. In addition to thermal and complex health therapies, you will also find classic Ayurvedic therapies. They are also well versed in targeted treatments for the kidneys and urinary tract and can be adapted to individual needs on site.

All programmes that match the indication: Kidneys/Urinary Tract

4) Respiratory Tracts/Asthma

The indication respiratory tract/asthma includes health resorts, spa hotels and forms of treatment with a focus on the lungs and respiratory tract. This indication covers not only asthma but also bronchitis, some lung diseases and prolonged colds. The programmes usually take place in health resorts with either a stimulating climate (e.g. coastal regions) or a calming climate (e.g. low mountain ranges). Alternatively, there may be salt caves, health caves or similar facilities. If the special treatments (such as inhalations) are not mentioned directly in the programme, the practitioner prescribes them as part of the individual treatment.

All programmes that match the indication: Respiratory Tracts/Asthma

5) Gynaecological/Urological Diseases

Dear women, this information is only for you! Sometimes we have our own complaints like menstrual cramps, abdominal pains, headaches, migraines or menopause with their hot flashes. Of course, there are also health hotels that specialise in making us feel more balanced within our bodies. In this section, you will find exactly these offers.

All programmes that match the indication: Gynaecological/Urological Diseases

6) Vision/Hearing/Dental Care

Programmes with this indication are usually holistic Ayurvedic health therapies, as there are special treatments for the eyes and ears of Ayurveda. The most common is rinsing or wrapping to treat inflamed or tired eyes. This also applies to the ears. Some offers are also available in European wellness hotels. However, these are in no case corresponding operations. Programmes in the field of teeth are most common in Hungary. Here there are often professional dental clinics directly connected to the hotels. Apart from the initial consultation, there is generally no additional dental care included. However, they can be booked on site when booking a thermal course.

All programmes that suit the indication: Vision/Hearing/Dental Care

7) Cancer Rehabilitation

In this indication you will find programmes to strengthen the body after a completed cancer treatment. It is about revitalising and rebuilding the immune system weakened by chemotherapy. Many of these treatments are holistic therapies aiming at healing the experience, regaining inner balance and returning to a better physical and mental state. The classical Ayurvedic remedies are very popular.

All programmes that fit the indication: Cancer Rehabilitation

Indications vs. Diseases – What is the Definition of Indications?

Those who start working in health travel will soon come across the concept of "indication". The word derives from the Latin word Indicare, which means "to indicate". In the context of a healthy holiday, indication is a collective term that "indicates" which spa or which form of treatment is suitable for which form of illness - a health indicator. The health indicator can be easily understood by means of an example. We use the indication "respiratory tract/asthma" for instance, which in turn includes diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and infections of the respiratory tract, chronic cold etc.. If a health spa town is particularly suitable for the respiratory tract due to the local stimulating climate, the spa town or the on site existing remedies, may have "respiration/asthma" as an indication. Those who are interested in the trip will then know: "I have bronchitis. If I travel to this spa town and take a proper therapy, I can improve my health. "

Indications thus provide information about different knowledge of the spa hotel due to the medical equipment, staff and herbal remedies available on site. If a treatment programme contains one of the indications from the above list of diseases, it is suitable for the treatment of diseases associated with the indication. The context with the treatments included in the package is immediately visible, or you can find detailed information on the hotel's specialisation on the hotel page.

What are Contraindications?

In contrast to indications that indicate in which cases a treatment can help, there are of course contraindications that explain in which cases these treatments are not recommended. This should not be treated lightly and in case of doubt you can talk to your doctor about your travel plans. The aim is for you to become healthier and stronger during your holiday and not for the illness to worsen. Here is an example of typical contraindications: Hot thermal baths are exhausting for circulation. People with acute circulatory disorders should therefore not take a therapy that mainly consists of hot thermal baths. In addition to the course-specific contraindications, there are also general contraindications. This is a list of circumstances in which a therapy is generally not useful. A typical example is a severe acute infection. If the body is already weak, it should not be disturbed any more.

Tips for Booking a Healthy Holiday with a Focus on Indications

  • Please talk to your doctor before you plan your trip. The doctor knows your state of health best and can draw your attention to possible contraindications.
  • Prepare yourself for the initial consultation with the spa physician, therapist or Ayurveda specialist. If necessary, simply bring useful reports and diagnoses with you. It also makes sense to translate the most important words about your own medical history into English so that you don't have to search for words and communicate everything that is important.
  • Spa treatments are always prescribed after the initial examination and consultation with the doctor. If the doctor has medical concerns, it is always possible that you are not allowed to do certain applications. Please understand that it is important for everyone involved that your health is being improved and not worsened.
  • If you are unsure whether the hotel offer/spa programme you have found fits your wishes, please let us know in advance of your travel planning. We will be happy to ask for more complex medical information for you in advance at the spa hotel and have it confirmed that the trip is appropriate for your needs.
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