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Thermal baths

Thermal baths, or mineral baths, which were already popular in the Roman Empire, still enjoy great popularity today. Bathhouses, which have become modern again, are equipped in a variety of ways and, apart from the healing thermal water, often have other beneficial amenities such as saunas, steam baths, or brine baths. Often located in the middle of the city, thermal bath spas have become a place of retreat for stressed city dwellers and those seeking relaxation.

The warm baths offer plenty of peace, and quiet and allow visitors to immerse themselves in the magical and healing powers of water. Find out everything about thermal bath spas and their beneficial thermal water here!

Thermal hotels with overnight stay

Definition: What is a thermal bath?

The term thermal bath originally refers to a pool filled with thermal water in which one could bathe. Even the Romans recognised the benefits of thermal water for body and soul. Over time, people tried to make access to thermal water easier and bathing in it more comfortable. Today, the term thermal bath therefore often no longer refers to the bath itself, but to the entire complex including the sauna landscape etc. These so-called bathing establishments are true wellness temples and sometimes very large areas with healing clinics, spa hotels and the associated infrastructure (saunas, steam baths, indoor and outdoor pools, adventure pools, etc.).

A thermal bath nowadays means a public bathing establishment with various pools, which with their warm and mineral-rich water serve not only for relaxation but also for health promotion. The water used, should have a natural water temperature of at least 20°C from a thermal spring in the region. Only bathing facilities that use groundwater with at least this outlet temperature are officially allowed to call themselves "Therme" according to the German Spa Association.



thermalkur, pärchen

What is a thermal therapy?

A stay in a thermal spa promises relaxation for body and soul, on the one hand thanks to bathing in thermal water with its healing effects, and on the other hand because nowadays thermal spas offer a wide range of wellness services such as saunas, massages, and cosmetic treatments that are beneficial in every respect. Therapies in which the thermal water is at the centre of the treatment are called thermal therapies. Nowadays, however, these include much more than just bathing in water. With inhalations, drinking therapies, medicinal mud treatments and massages, the programme has been expanded and perfected over the years.

The effects of thermal water

According to the definition, thermal water is first of all ground water, which emerges at a regional source with at least 20°C. A thermal treatment can be useful for many problems, and bathing in thermal water works in many different ways. First of all, the gentle warmth of the thermal water plays a role. It not only stimulates the circulation, but also has a relaxing effect on the muscles. This is the basis for the areas of treatments: Cardiovascular problems and back pain, such as muscle tension. The also lower gravity causes joint relaxation in the whole body.

Then there is the hydrostatic pressure, which is the water pressure acting on the body from all sides. Several bodily functions are positively influenced by hydrostasis, such as tissue drainage, metabolism and vein function, i.e. the pumping of blood back to the heart.

Another important factor in the effects of thermal water is the minerals and salts it contains, which provide relief from joint diseases, rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis and gout. Other areas of treatment, which are added due to the minerals and salts, are neurodermatitis or allergies. For respiratory diseases, the thermal water can even be inhaled and in the form of a drinking therapy, the minerals can work wonders for diseases of the digestive tract. This healing effect of the water varies according to its mineral composition, which is why certain thermal baths also have certain healing indications.



Thermen und Thermenhotels
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What can I expect during my thermal holiday?

Thermal holidays are an unforgettable experience for young and old. As a guest you will dive - whether for a few days or a few hours - into a magical world that will make you forget your everyday worries immediately.

During your holiday you will live and sleep in your comfortable thermal hotel, which will spoil you with a wonderful breakfast already in the morning. Thus you start the day relaxed and full of energy. Throughout the day, you can enjoy all wellness amenities of your thermal hotel. This usually includes your own bathing world, various saunas, steam baths, a fitness area, and much more.

If you decide to stay near one of the popular, large thermal baths, it is likely that your hotel is connected to it by a bathrobe corridor, or the thermal baths are only a few minutes away. Often, our arrangements include the entrance to the thermal baths. Enjoy your day in the sauna area, take relaxing baths, treat yourself with a soothing massage or a professional beauty treatment. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and feel the energy of water.

Where can I find the best thermal spas?

Italy in particular is known for its traditional thermal baths and is therefore particularly suitable for your upcoming relaxing holiday. How about a spa hotel in fairytale Tuscany, for example? But not only in the warm south, but also in the east of Germany you can enjoy excellent thermal holidays. Other popular thermal spa destinations are the Czech Republic, where the popular Bohemian spa triangle awaits you, or Hungary, where you can combine your wellness break with a city trip to the enchanted Budapest.

But also in Germany you will find many wellness temples, which will spoil you by all means. Whether in one of the many thermal spas in Bavaria, in Baden-Württemberg or in Rheinland-Pfalz - we will find a thermal spa hotel for you that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Whichever country you choose, one thing is for sure, our hotels will make your long-awaited thermal wellness holiday a reality. No matter whether it is a thermal weekend or a longer thermal therapy, your feel-good spa is already waiting for your visit!

The best thermal baths in Europe

Thermal hotel




Price per day


Cascate del Mulino

Saturnia, Italy


Waterfalls, hot springs

for free


Therme Olimia

Podcetrtek, Slowenia


Slightly radioactive thermal water



Therme Erding

Erding, Germany


The sauna landscape



Aquaria Thermal Spa

Sirmione, Italy


Beautiful medieval place



St. Martins Therme & Lodge

Frauenkirchen, Austria


Situated on an idyllic lake



Therme Meran

Südtirol, Italy


Modern and artistically designed



Tauern Spa

Kaprun, Austria


20.000 m² bathing area



Europa Therme

Bad Füssing, Germany


The Aerosalzum




Leukerbad, Switzerland


Extra child-friendly

30 CHF (€27,80)


Gellert Bad

Budapest, Hungary


Historical Art Deco ambience

5900 HUF (€17)


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FAQ - Everything about thermal holidays and spas

When is the best season to visit a mineral bath?

A short holiday at the thermal bath is a blessing for body and soul all year round. But in the somewhat colder months, such wellness breaks is even more enjoyable. Imagine yourself sitting in the warm thermal pool while it is stormy and snowing outside. At this time of the year, a stay at the thermal baths can also be ideally combined with a city trip. If, on the other hand, you are travelling in summer, a thermal spa in the middle of nature is the perfect place to go for great hiking and cycling tours.

How long should a holiday at the thermal bath be?

If you just want to forget about everyday life, a short break at the thermal hotel is already worth it. Enjoy the relaxing treatments in the wellness area and recharge your batteries. However, if you want to effectively treat a specific health problem, for example with a drinking therapy or regular baths in mineral-rich thermal water, you should stay for at least a week.

What does a stay in a thermal hotel involve?

First of all, the stay includes a rich breakfast in your hotel to start your day. The use of the wellness and spa area of your hotel is of course also included in the booking. If your wellness hotel does not have its own thermal spa with sauna etc., most arrangements include the entrance to the adjacent thermal spa and bathing world. Often, the dinner is also included, but always inform yourself about this before booking to avoid misunderstandings.

What should I definitely pack for my thermal holiday?

We highly recommend bringing comfortable swimwear, sports equipment, and possibly hiking boots, if necessary.

Is there a minimum age to visit mineral baths?

Most spas specify a minimum age of 16 years for the sauna area. However, this only applies to the use of the sauna and not the other pools and treatments.

Can I take my children with me on my thermal holiday?

That is no problem. Just find out in advance which of our hotels with thermal baths are particularly family or child-friendly. Often there is a professional child care service in the hotel so that you can spend relaxing hours in the thermal baths and don't have to worry about anything.

Are thermal baths handicapped accessible?

Some thermal baths are handicapped accessible, which means that they can also be used by wheelchair users, for example. Please inform yourself in advance to find the best possible offer for your individual needs.

How much does one night at thermal hotel cost?

A night in a double room with breakfast and admission to the thermal area starts at around € 100.

How do I save money on my thermal holidays with SpaDreams?

If you have chosen a certain destination, you should book as early as possible so that you don't miss the early bird discount, in the best case 3-4 months in advance. But if you don't have a specific destination in mind, you can also browse through our last-minute offers and book one or the other deal spontaneously!

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