SpaDreams Dead Sea Guide

SpaDreams Dead Sea Guide

Recommended Medical Centres

The German Medical Centre in Israel (DMZ)

The DMZ clinic in Israel specialises in highly effective therapies for healing skin diseases, respiratory diseases and rheumatisms. The spa resort Ein Bokek is situated at the southern end of the Dead Sea and offers public beaches and a natural solarium, as well as two shopping centres with restaurants and cafés. The healing centre is located in Hotel Lot in Ein Bokek and is known as an inpatient rehabilitation facility. You will be treated by doctors and specialists in dermatology, rheumatology and pneumology. A social pedagogue and well-educated nurses take care exclusively of the guests‘ well-being. Climate therapy at DMZ consists of a personal treatment programme that is created by a doctor, tailored to suit the needs of each individual guest. The daily routine is made up of sun bathing, time in the shade and bathing in the Dead Sea, to compliment the effects of the ointments applied by the specialists. The therapy is supported by in-house massages, sulphur baths and mud packs at the individual cure departments of the hotels. In order to check the progress of the treatments, medical control and final examinations are carried out. water bath, as water baths draw minerals out from the skin.

Medical Centres in Jordan

Two medical centres in Jordan offer high quality therapy. The Dead Sea Medical Center is integrated into the Dead Sea Spa Hotels in Sweimeh hotel complex. The center in Jordan is managed by a dermatologist with a lot of experience in the use of climate therapy to treat skin conditions. The ZARA Medical Center is integrated into Mövenpick Resort, where you‘ll find professional dermatologists, and everything you need for wellness, beauty and relaxation. The ZARA Medical Center was the first business in Jordan to achieve the Green Globe certificate - the world-leading authority for sustainability.