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SpaDreams Dead Sea Guide

Sights in Israel

Israel - the Holy Land, a melting pot of cultures in which traditions and modern lifestyles collide. A country full of contrast with a unique history that still permeates life today. Between the Sea of Galilee and the Red Sea, you‘ll discover an immense variety of landscapes.

Mount Sodom: The 12km long ridge of pure salt at the southern part of the Dead Sea is regarded as the biblical city Sodom that perished along with Gomarrah. The salt pillar known as Lot‘s wife is particularly striking.

Jerusalem: The cradle of the three monotheistic world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Visit the holy sites of the Western Wall, Mount of Olives, the Holy Sepulchre and the Rock. The old town with its four different quarters is of particular interest.

Massada National Park: The mountain fortress of King Herold, recognised since 2001 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well-preserved Roman fortress with cisterns, baths and mosaics adorn this timeless symbol of Jewish national history. Massada offers a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea and the Judean desert.

Negev Desert: Lies in the South with the Bedouin town Beer Sheva and bewitches its visitors with beautiful landscapes and fascinating rock formations. Take a jeep tour with a Bedouin guide, picnic on the plateau at sunset and enjoy extraordinary views of the Dead Sea and the red illuminated mountains of Jordan.

Ein Gedi Oasis: The beautiful Kibbuz with an impressive botanical garden.

Qumran: Ancient caves and settlements on the northern shore of the Dead Sea, the site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found, the oldest surviving copy of the Bible.