Therapeutic Effects of the Dead Sea

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The Therapeutic Effects of the Dead Sea

Bathing in the Dead Sea

Relax under the sun‘s warm rays and let yourself be healed. The substances that are evaporated by the heat and dissolved in the air free airways and are particularly effective for people with asthma. This natural brine-inhalation dissolves mucus and has anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, a salt bath is far better for the skin than a regular water bath, as water baths withdraw minerals from the skin.


The lowest point on Earth exerts a particular fascination due to its uniqueness. On the seabed another excellent therapeutic material can be found, which can be used in the form of mud packs to aid with any cure. The mineral-rich deposits in the black mud are spread all over the body and actively care for the whole body, from head to toe. A real all-rounder: the effect is anti-allergic, aging of the skin is delayed, circulation is improved and the amount of moisture in the skin is regulated.

Salt Scrubs

The combination of salt crystals and oil gives tired skin a fresh look, as it gently removes dead skin, particularly around the knees and elbows. Natural substances from the Dead Sea can be used as salt scrubs for the skin to cleanse the pores and reduce build-up of calluses. They can also be used as hair products to combat dandruff.


The unique climate of the Dead Sea is created by its particular location in the desert. In summer temperatures can reach 34-51 °C. Temperatures are milder in winter at 14 - 17 °C.


The natural rejuvenating properties of the Dead Sea offer everything you need for healthy beauty. Even sunbathing is not damaging thanks to the low location of the Dead Sea. Due to the high temperatures and high level of evaporation, there is a haze over the lake that filters the damaging UVB rays.