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SpaDreams Dead Sea Guide

Travel Advice

General Information

During the fasting month of Ramadan you must be aware of restrictions in public life (e.g. restaurants closing during the day outside of hotels, reduced working hours at government offices and embassies) and exhibit elevated sensitivity with regards to religious matters and respect for the Islamic tradition. Please abide by the alcohol ban. Lèse majesté (offense against a sovereign) is punishable.

Entry Requirements

Israel: Your passport must be valid for at least sixth months from the date of entry. A visa can generally be

obtained on entry at entry points, with a few exceptions. If your passport has been stamped with the entry/exit stamp from another country it may lead to additional questioning, but it does not usually prevent entry to Israel.

Please check the FOC website for up to date entry requirements (click here)

Jordan: For entry to Jordan you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. A visa is also required and can be obtained at airports or at the Sheikh Hussein/North border crossing. This normal tourist visa is valid for one month and can be extended. If you have a stamp from Israel in your passport, you may be refused entry to surrounding Arabic countries.

Please check the FOC website for up to date entry requirements (click here) 


Israel: The arrival airport Tel Aviv is about 130km away from the complexes in Ein Bokek, Ein Gedi and Neve Zohar.

Jordan: The arrival airport in Amman is 60km away from the complexes in Sweimeh. 

All SpaDreams hotels offer a shuttle transfer service that will pick you up directly from the airport.


We recommend that you seek up to date information from authorities before planning your holiday. In general, avoid keeping valuables on you or lying around. Take a separate copy of your documents. Women can travel alone without complications, however you should wear appropriate clothing and take religious, cultural and social traditions into consideration.


Taking photos of military sites and facilities is strictly forbidden. If you would like to take photos of people, ask them kindly for permission first.


In Israel the official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. Hebrew, Arabic and English are taught in school. The official language of Jordan is Arabic but many people speak English.


The currency of Israel is new shekel. 1 GBP = approximately 5.46 ILS. In Jordan, the dinar is used. 1 GBP = approximately 1.03 JOD. For daily updated rates, please check online or contact your bank.

Currency exchange is possible at the airport 24/7. You can also exchange money at the hotel but you will not always get the best rate. In many places you will find ATMs that accept visa and mastcard. Most hotels and big restaurants accept credit cards.