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SpaDreams Fango Guide

Fango Treatments


The warmth of a Fango pack deeply penetrates the skin, alleviates pain quickly and has sustained effects. The anti-inflammatory and pain alleviating effects of ripe Fango have been officially proven by a study conducted at Centro Studi Pietro d’Abano. Moreover, the healing mud is said to have a stimulating effect on the metabolism. Through the use of hot Fango, the muscles are relaxed, joints are strengthened and circulation is stimulated.  

Fango can also be recommended for problems with the musculoskeletal system, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain and immobility, and in primary and secondary forms of arthritis. It also has therapeutic effects ideal for aftercare following injuries and surgery, for gout and cartilage calcification, rheumatic arthritis, inflammatory rheumatism (except acute forms), rheumatic fibrosis, rheumatoid tendinitis, rheumatoid hip pain, soft tissue rheumatism and rheumatoid-related arthritis (in the dormant phase). Reports suggest that Fango can reduce the effects of gynecological disorders (uterine and cervical inflammation, consecutive symptoms of gynecologic surgery). 

Fango treatments can also help with general tension, psychosomatic and psychological disorders.


Fango is not suitable for those suffering from the following conditions: heart failure, ischemic heart condition, cerebral and peripheral vascular disease, renal disease and renal failure, tuberculosis, epilepsy, acute inflammatory diseases, hyperthyroidism and malignant ulcers. Women should not undertake Fango treatments when pregnant, lactating or during the first days of menstruation. As the amount and temperature of the Fango as well as the duration and frequency of treatments can be adapted to suit the individual, a reduced Fango treatment can be created for someone who has some of the contraindications listed above. For example, someone with veneer disease can still undertake a Fango treatment on the rest of their body, omitting their legs. Medical consultation is provided before the treatment begins.