SpaDreams Fango Guide

SpaDreams Fango Guide

Italy: Home of Fango

Together, Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme form the most successful cure centre in Europe for alleviating rheumatism and osteoporosis. The long history of Abano and Montegrotto is closely connected with the Euganean people and the ancient cult of Aponus, the God of thermal water and healing power.

The thousand year old cure tradition of this region is still reflected today in the popularity of this region for those seeking rest and relaxation. Abano’s speciality is healing water from the thermal sources of the Euganean hills. Thanks to the unique healing mud, Fango cures here are an exclusive experience. In Albano the tradition of healing meets Italian hospitality. The resort combines excellent hotels, well-cared for parks and avenues, and numerous thermal swimming pools. Fango, thermal water, massages and the mild climate fulfil the wishes of all wellness lovers.

The Euganean Hills

The Euganean Hills are Italy‘s biggest cure region and the oldest thermal centre in Europe. This hill range, which was named the first national park in the Venetian region in 1989, consists of 18,000 hectares, is of volcanic origin and blessed with unique thermal springs. 15km long and 12km wide, this range of hills offers a breathtaking range of flora and fauna. In addition to Abano Terme, Montegrotto Terme, Galzignano Terme and Battaglia Terme are all main spa resorts.

At the Resort

Sights to see in Abano Terme include San Lorenzo Cathedral in the old town center with the Piazza del Sole e della Pace (plaza of sun and peace), which is also known as Sundial Plaza, thanks to the biggest sundial in Europe. The pilgrimage church Madonna della Salute in the Monteortone district with its small thermal pool is worth a visit. Take a trip to the Euganean hills, which captivate their visitors with their unique landscapes. The rich and varied flora ranges from oak and chestnut woodland to evergreen macchia to blossoming spring daffodils. The hills can be explored by foot, mountain bike or on horseback. Golfers can also get their kicks by improving their handicap on three different courses, surrounded by beautiful nature. Relaxation and wellbeing are inevitable in the Euganean hills.

The Surrounding Areas

The surrounding areas are impressive, with architectural art and stunning nature. Just 10km away lies the picturesque provincial capital Padua, with the Padua Basilica of Saint Anthony and the Scrovegni Chapel. Those who would rather travel by bike can explore the navigation canals of Padua, the salt and sugar route or pilgrimage Noce. Lake Garda and the Dolomite peaks can be reached in about two hours by car. The romantic city offers unforgettable opera performances, and Vicenza invites its guests with magnificent villas, centuries old castles and cultural events, as well as a historical centre. Venice is just 60km away and fascinates its visitors with St. Mark‘s Square, gondola rides, museums, unique art and culture, and the botanical garden.

4. The Massage

Normally Fango therapy ends with a body massage but it can also be completed with other treatments.