Hiking in Austria

Hiking in Austria

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Explore beautiful mountains in Austria

Austria is a dream destination for every hiking enthusiast. All our spa retreats in the south west part of Austria are located in picturesque surroundings, which offer ample opportunities for walking or hiking. 

Hiking in Austria is a unique adventure, which can be enjoyed solo as well as in a group of friends. The southern alpine regions such as Tyrol or Carinthia are the best choice if you love snowy peaks and icy glaciers. The Austrians love hiking, and appreciate the natural resources of their country and make good use of them. The excellent infrastructure of the slopes and trails makes Austria a suitable destination for beginners and more advanced hikers alike. The famous Grossglockner Road in the Salzburg region is a flagship example of a masterpiece of road engineering.

Our advice: hire a car to get to the most interesting trails and enjoy stunning views on your journey.  Despite well-developed transportation, the mountainous areas of Austria are full of unspoiled, natural sites. Hiking in Austria is an unforgettable experience, allowing you to regain the close connection with nature that many of us are longing for. Another benefit of hiking in the Alps is the increased oxygen intake and fresh mountain air, which results in a feeling of pure revitalisation.  

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