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Weight Loss in Austria

Lose weight in the midst of Europe's most stunning mountains

Find internal peace and external health

With a SpaDreams holiday, it has never been easier to lose weight in the beautiful surroundings of the Austrian countryside. From mountains to lakes, the stunning scenery makes for an incredible and refreshing environment in which to lose weight and kick start your new, healthier life. 

Have you spent years battling with fluctuating weight? Do you finally want to shift that weight once and for all? With anyone of our incredible selection of beautiful hotels, you are able to lose weight whilst also refreshing the mind, body and soul. 

Try walking and hiking for health at Almi's Berghotel or the saltwater baths at Narzissenhotel Bad Ausee, all designed to leave you feeling fresher and healthier than ever. At one of our incredible Austrian Wellness Spas,you will learn not only how to best lose that remainder weight, but also tips on how to maintain the gradual, manageable weight loss when you return home. 

With unbelievable scenery, there is no better place to enjoy a weight loss wellness spa than Austria. Furthermore, by booking with SpaDreams, you can rest assured knowing that each Spa is picked for its incredible facilities, world-class treatments and that you are guaranteed the best price. 

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