A petite European paradise

Welcome to Luxembourg!

A charming little slice of central Europe, packed full of cultural attractions and natural wonders. Picturesque villages, magnificent historical buildings and impressive rock formations make Luxembourg a prime destination for those looking to combine a spa holiday with sightseeing and active leisure.

Luxembourg encompasses an astounding variety of landscapes that will amaze even the most seasoned traveller. From the bustling Luxembourg City through the industrial Terres Rouges to the serene national parks, Luxembourg's diversity never fails to impress. Thanks to the country's petite dimensions, you are never far away from another of Luxembourg's charms, and every corner of the country can be explored within a week.

Luxembourg is also a great starting point for visiting the neighbouring countries – Belgium, Germany and France. If you are planning a longer holiday, a spa resort in Luxembourg could become your tranquil retreat to return to after sightseeing trips. Luxembourg is also the perfect destination for a short spa escape. The spa hotels in Luxembourg offer elegant and sophisticated interiors, designed to prioritise privacy and tranquillity. If you are looking for a retreat to sooth your senses and step back from everyday life, then a spa break in Luxembourg could be your dream escape – a secret destination hidden in the heart of Europe where you won’t be disturbed by noise, traffic or massive crowds of tourists. Relax with thermal treatments, indulge in wellness massages, enjoy essential oils and sink into pure bliss at one of our spa hotels in Luxembourg.

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