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Extravagant spa treatment in spectacular settings

Ultimate Luxury With a European Flair

You don't have to travel the world to enjoy exquisite hotels and unrivalled luxury! Our luxury hotels and top-end spas in Europe offer a cocoon of total wellness where all your wishes will come true.

Take a trip to Germany, the land of lakes, castles and luxury wellness, and indulge in ultimate luxury at a trendy, modern hotel. Immerse yourself in Renaissance opulence at one of our beautiful five star hotels in Italy and enjoy world-famous Italian cuisine, cooked to suit your tastes. Relax on sunny, Spanish beaches and delight your senses with a first-class Mediterranean wellness experience

Discover Eastern European cities with a rich cultural heritage and hotels offering ultimate comfort and modern facilities in breathtaking locations. From the sparkling shores of the Baltic Sea to the vast and impressive lakes of Hungary, Eastern Europe offers the perfect background for indulgent wellness treatments, all derived from the wealth of natural materials found in each region.

With detox, weight loss, fitness and Ayurveda programmes on offer in our five star hotels, you can use your luxury holiday in Europe as an opportunity to do something for your health. Choose from our vast variety of luxury hotels in Europe and embark on your wellness journey today! With the SpaDreams best price guarantee, you can enjoy ultimate luxury at low prices guaranteed.

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