Spine pain

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Spine Pain

Prevention and treatment

Chronic back pain and other related diseases need a properly chosen cure. Medical examination is necessary to determine the right treatments. A tailored therapy is available at many of SpaDreams hotels offering medical wellness.

On our site you will find a selection of treatments for back pain, including programmes based on the classic physical therapy (e.g. electro and magnet therapies) and a variety of massages. A common element of spine treatments are also special training sessions to strengthen muscles, water gymnastics, swimming, Nordic Walking or exercises on specialised devices. Medical wraps (peat or fango) help relieve back pain through thermal action. The warmth accelerates the minerals' penetration of the skin. Thermotherapy, which may involve short sessions in saunas or cryogenic chambers is helpful as well.

Best destinations for spine pain

Spine treatments are most effective if they are undertaken for at least two weeks. Such treatments do not have to be expensive. Our selected high-quality spa resorts in the Central-Eastern Europe provide effective but affordable treatments. The Baltic Coast of Poland, the area around Lake Balaton (Hungary) as well as Czech resorts with a long tradition. Kalrove Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne are excellent for medical wellness. One of the best resorts offering medical wellness for spine pain are belong to the family of Danubius Hotels in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The resorts by the Adriatic Sea (Slovenia, Croatia) offer cures in warmer climate.

Natural medicine – Ayurveda

People with mobility problems, who would like to take advantage of an Ayurvedic cure, do not have to travel to India or Sri Lanka. Ayurvedic treatments with warm oils (e.g. massages) are performed in SpaDreams resorts in Europe for example in Germany, Spain, Poland and Slovenia

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