SpaDreams Fasting Guide

SpaDreams Fasting Guide

Finding the right treatment

Detox Cures

Detox cures as recommended by Western specialists,including SpaDreams, are becoming more popular. They are concerned with a thorough, gentle detoxification of the body.After just a few days, general wellbeing improves. One experiencesa greater sense of vitality, sleeps better, is less affectedby stress and infections and feels fresh and relaxed, as well as losing weight at the same time. At the beginning of some detox programmes saline salts (e.g. epsom salts) are used for colon cleansing. This method relieves the liver, the most important metabolic organ, meaning that the body can cleanse in the optimum fashion, as only easily digestible meals are consumed during a detox cure. Above all, sweet and indulgent foods, such as coffee and alcohol are abstained from. For thorough detoxification, the body is provided energy through natural alkaline based foods, suchas fresh, lightly steamed vegetables. Raw, vegetarian foodis avoided during some detox cures as it can be difficult todigest and lead to flatulence. Taking alkaline mineral supplements in addition to alkaline based foods is recommended during the cure. Alkaline infusions can also be administered to counteract high acidity. Herbal and homeopathic healing methods are also used to support the liver, kidneys and lymph system during the cleansing. Milk thistle, dandelion and celandine are the classic herbs used for a thorough detoxification. Seaweed, coriander and wild garlic are highly effective for the elimination of heavymetals. Similar to fasting, trusted methods such as damp, warm liver wraps are used in the context of a detox cure. Yellow herbal teas such as nettle, yarrow or lemon balm tea are drunk during a fasting cure, amongst other things. Red teas, such as rosehip and fruit teas, are acidic and are therefore avoided during a detox cure.

Finding the Right Programme

With many different fasting cures on offer, from healing fastingin a clinic to juice fasting at home, you must find out foryourself which cure is the best for you. It is important to knowwhat the purpose of each type of fasting is. Fasting cures vary with regards to their duration and effects, and use different substances to nourish the body during this time. Your choice of fasting cure should predominantly be based on your personal goals. It is important that you have professional guidance during your fast, particularly the first time you fast, and such support is best offered by a fasting specialist or doctor. Before beginning your fast, it is best to find an experienced therapist or doctor, discuss your individual goals and their methods and let them take good care of you during your fast. Without specialist support, fasting can quickly damage your health. With over 40 year of experience in the Health & Wellness travel industry and a selection of high quality, trusted hotel and clinic partners, you can trust the SpaDreams team to help youto find the perfect hotel and a safe, healthy fasting cure to suit all of your needs and help you achieve your goals.